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  1. Great news Chulls and Carni, Best wishes to you both xx
  2. Brilliant afternoon / eve in the Bell with fellow nottstalgians and characters from my misspent youth , for the dungeon reunion .... We all started our musical journey in that basement in Stanford street Nottingham and have kept alive the individuality and freedom those times afforded us ....... So back to the question " did you know Stu Morris " well we did and on Friday he was there for us all to say we do !!!!!!
  3. I think my mates Tristram shandy back his famous dad !!????? They call themselves the Memphis tones and his dads stage name is Vince ?.......
  4. They shouldn't sell them at any time !!!!
  5. No going in the jazz cafe for you Chulls, well not for a couple of days .... keep smiling xx
  6. Loved that place .....toasted teacakes
  7. Tim Northern ..... A friend of Murray Frew !!!!?????
  8. The primark building was littlewoods
  9. Oh to be young and trendy !!!!!! Just been to a coffee shop in Camden 3£ for an americano, Full of old people , not very trendy and deffo not one to be seen by your mates or fellow nottstalgians !!!!
  10. I am a woman, sometimes a lady , never a babe , always a belle, but when a guy calls me " MY GIRL " then I'm " a woman in love "
  11. The 4k Alexander McQueen dress she wore yesterday , could have been bought from her one month stint at Jigsaw or from mummy selling people's data but my bets on the benefits she receives for her charitable works and empathetic after dinner speeches......
  12. Looks like this iconic pub, an alma mater of musicians and some eccentric characters has now finally turned into a modern day hell hole ..... kids in music venues, leave that to one direction at an arena ..... Kids in pubs......they can't drink until 18 Kids in the running horse.......call the NSPCC
  13. Oh and I forgot but Catfan reminded me . 9 No mention of the benefit scroungers too lazy to turn out at Xmas to speak to their subjects Pre record a Xmas message, get p....d at Mahiki on Xmas eve, be chauffeured to one of the many houses on Xmas morning in time for an unchristian photo shoot at church ....and a spread in OK magazine ......no class