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  1. EileenH

    Keep One Drop One

    Lake district
  2. My daughter still has a OSB in addition to the inside one. The kids find it useful when they're playing out.
  3. EileenH

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    Ditto - Killing Eve... Thought it was very good but hate it when endings are just engineered to ensure a second series. The Little Drummer Girl.....Only managed one episode. Care (Sunday evening) ....I tried to enjoy it, I really did....I really like the actors who starred in it...... but I found it so depressing.
  4. EileenH

    It’s A Scam

    I'm afraid I got fed up with the woman telling me I was going to have my broadband discontinued so I was a little bit rude. When I said, 'Oh, piss off!' she rang off and hasn't been back. I hope she wasn't too traumatised.
  5. I can remember our Mam's divi number - 37581 - and also my own when I got married - 100349. I remember the first 'self service' co-op on Wilford Road, the Medders, when I was about eight or so. You handed your shopping bag in at the counter and was given a wire basket for your shopping. You went round the shelves doing your shopping then they swapped bags when they totted your purchases up and took your money. I remember being gobsmacked at the concept of 'self service'. I said, 'Surely people will just nick things.' Shows what a naturally larcenous mind I had at that age.
  6. EileenH

    Autumn is upon us...

    I've finally got my broad beans in. They've been sitting in root trainers and have been ready to go in the garden for ages so I was worried they were too tall and would flop over but they're fine, sitting up straight and tall. Phew. Really miss the allotment.........
  7. EileenH


    My sister and her husband are members and have done various activities and bus trips. They just do the ones that interest them and they enjoy it. I'd certainly join but I'm sort of housebound so meetings and courses are no-go.
  8. EileenH

    Saturday Morning Pictures

    Our children's matinee in the Medders wasn't quite as posh as the ABC Minors. It was Saturday afternoon at the Imperial on Wilford Road - The 'Imp'. It was the threepenny rush - went up to fourpence in about 1950. There wasn't any song or badges or anything, just a film and a serial. I think they had a few stock films they showed repeatedly. I remember a silent Charlie Chaplin film that appeared a lot. When the film broke down everybody would shout and Boo and they'd put the lights on for a bit. On a slightly different subject - can you remember 'A' films that children could see if accompanied by an adult? (Course you can) I remember kids standing outside the Imperial stopping people going in and asking, 'Will you take me in, Mister?' I never did but wonder about the child safety issues that could have arisen. Scary!
  9. EileenH

    How's your day?

    Keep battling! Forty years is a long time but you can do it. It's a little bit easier now that you don't get it on all sides in pubs and buses isn't it? (Don't know what PIV is but good luck with that as well.)
  10. EileenH

    Useless Things?

    Bought a 'ricer' because the TV chefs said it would make better mash. Not strong enough to press the handles so I've gone back to the perfectly efficient tater masher! (Been trying to remember where the breadmaker is - it's in the loft!)
  11. EileenH


    We always adopt retired racing greyhounds. Jimmy is our fifth one to date. They come ready trained to the lead and house trained but have limited recall skills and highly developed prey/chase instincts so he's never off the lead except on our garden. He behaves beautifully and is a confirmed couch potato for 22 hours a day. Funnily enough the ones we've adopted don't go upstairs. They don't seem to know what they are. They watch us go upstairs as if wondering how we disappear into the ceiling but don't follow us. Wouldn't have another breed.
  12. EileenH

    What are you reading at the moment?

    I've just started reading 'Mythos' a retelling of the Greek myths by Stephen Fry. As I read it I can hear him telling the stories. I believe he does a number of audio books but I've never had one.
  13. EileenH

    Whatever happened to......?

    Nah! It was Creative Writing - aka making things up and writing them down.
  14. EileenH

    Whatever happened to......?

    Hello! Great to be back. I'm enjoying browsing the site to catch up. I've spent the last couple of years with my head stuck in my laptop doing a Master's degree with the Open University. Finished this summer so I'm FREE! Sort of shuffling my feet and looking around at the world and wondering, 'Now what?' The options at the moment are indoor hang gliding or extreme embroidery.
  15. EileenH

    Back yard memories

    There was a shelter on Hawthorne Street at the top of our yard, a brick building with offset doorways so that they were open but you couldn't see inside. I suppose that was to keep lights from showing if people had lamps or candles. As I was a total wimp I never went inside but it certainly smelt funny. I know my mam wouldn't go in it even if there was a raid warning. I remember it being knocked down by a swinging iron ball on the end of the arm of a crane.