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  1. Blimey Lynmee, you are going back (sorry!) thats before Clifton was built!
  2. Yep, the cafe is next to the ambulance station, it has a caravan site just behind it and is located on Wilford Land between the Silverdale Island and the bridge itself.
  3. I movd to Clifton circ 1953 so attended Brooksby Infants and Juior School and later FairhamComp when it was under the leadership of 'Mr Thom' .
  4. Her who must be obeyed has just asked me to ask if anyone can remember 'cooling powders' I think they was for when you had a bit of a temperature, she said they came in a flat paper and you had to mix the powder with milk!
  5. Limey, would your uncle be 'Brian Dickman' by any chance?
  6. I'm a Ruddington resident now, and have been for the past 30 years.. There's seven pubs in the village and a couple of clubs, but not one of them are what I would term a decent drinking hole. Friday and Saturday night is invasion night from that lot just over the old railway bridge, fights, drugs and under age drinking is rife, best pub now, in my opinion, and it ain't all that great is the 'Vic Tavern', real ale in there. Top house has been ruined, looks like a town bar with a Thai Restaurant at the back. Jolly's has gone right down the pan, Brickies full of Cliftonites, Tilloes, Crap Ale
  7. Croosbreeds came out with some good combinations, especially the 'Triton' Triumph Bonneville engine in a Norton featherbed frame. Pity you went over to the other side, Plantfit, when the 'japcrap' came out it spelt the death knoll of the great British Motor Cycle manufacturing era.
  8. The 'Fashion 2' topic seems to have got onto motor cycles versus scooters so maybe scope for a whole new topic. As previously stated I had a 500 cc BSA A7, but passed my test on a BSA 250cc C11G, which was the forerunner of the C15. We used to say BSA stood for 'bits stuck anywhere' AJS - 'All junk and scrap', does anyone know of any more. By the way do any of you remember such names as Francis Barnett, James, etc etc
  9. Limey, you eventually saw the light then - no comparison vespa versus speed twin!!!!!
  10. My first job was 'shop lad' at a small engineering firm called 'J Undy Ltd' at the top of Denman St. It was that small that it only employed about five bods and that included the boss. I had to do mundane tasks like cleaning the swarf from under the lathes each night and keeping the boiler topped up - wo betide me if I let it go out! I also had to go to the chippy on Alfreton Road for everybodies lunch and packets of park drive or woodbine, ocassionaly I would be allowed to do a bit of turning on a lathe or a bit of milling. All the machines were run from one central motor, power being con
  11. Cowboys and Indians. I also had a davey crocket hat, was dead proud of that!
  12. Her who must be obeyed has also just said that when she was a mere slip of a gal her and her best mate used to go to 'Champies' on the corner of Herbert st and Westville St, in St Annes and get a bottle of cream soda and a load of sweets, 1d bar of cadbury's chocolate, and would go back and watch the box indulging in the delights just purchased. She tells me she used to get the princly sum of 2/- a week pocket money (10p to the uninitiated)
  13. I remember going to the paper shop and getting a chewing gum in a flat wrapper, it contained besides the gum, a transfer tattoo which you would wet and stick on the back of your hand. Her who must be obeyed has just reminded me of 1d bubblies.
  14. Leather jacket, most definately, enblazen with the immortal words on the back in big silver studs 'ELVIS'. Riding around Clifton Estate on a BSA 500cc A7, chasing all thos mods with mirror festooned lambrettas or vespa's!
  15. Craig - Was dangerman the series filmed in a Welsh village, with I think, Patrick McGoohan, probably getting me facts a bit mixed up, it's an age thing!
  16. Almosst sure it was Peter Noon, Caz, can't think of the record though, was it something like 'somethings gonna happen tonight'?
  17. Eh Mick, thats better than the one where some of my long lost relatives have been killed in an automobile acident, unfortunately they had no next of kin - so would I like the money! I didn't know I had that many relatives with that much dosh, if I'd answered them I'd be worth trillions of pounds by now, or maybe not, maybe I'd be skint owing to them emptying my bank account. Do these people realle think that we are stupid!
  18. Hoola Hoops - good exercise but afraid I'd be useless now!
  19. What do folk think about the recent 'looting' taking place on the devon beach? The way I look at it - it is flotsum or jetsum (not sure which!) and there for the taking, look at it as a tax return. About time we had summat for nowt!
  20. Good old Fish and Chips with a large helping of mushy peas does it for me. I can remember when I was knee high to a grasshopper I used to save all the old newspapers and when I had a fair old pile I would take them down to my local chippy and would receive, for my troubles, a bag of chips. Eh remember things like a 9d mix or potatoe fritters or even a battered mars bar. !hungry!
  21. As long as it contains a fair share of Rock and Roll, R&B, maybe a bit of Trad Jazz, I'm for it!
  22. Has anyone noticed that the speed cameras (NOT SAFETY CAMERAS!) at the Dunkirk end of University Boulevard have been removed. Can anyone tell me why and is this a permanent thing, will those at the Beeston end be removed, probably made enough dosh along that stretch or realised that drivers have got used to them so are not creating enough revenue! !tony!