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  1. I've just gone into Beefy's post and deleted the 2 pictures that he did not want. No Problem. After this, it would not accept my click to save the changes. The only button to 'accept' was the Cancel button?? Does this help?
  2. Just shows how some of us live in the past...DOH! Thanks Zab
  3. A little bit off the net regarding this scaffold collapse. I remember it like it was yesterday......[/url]scaffold collapse After the hotel was opened, we used to think that 'The Mint' bar in the basement was so upmarket and posh......... just shows how, so many years on, ones mind was so juvenile....
  4. Is anyone using Spotify? Discovered it a few weeks ago......found some real memories on there.. You have to download a small file but then you can search and listen to any track you can think of......
  5. Just had another look at the nice photo posted by Littebro. Have you noticed the low lying atmospheric contamination in the picture? Just like you can see over Malaga airport on a fine day. Makes you wonder just what we are breathing!
  6. There are a few more here
  7. I've never really thought about why it was called 'Babbington'. Typing Babbington into Gogle it brings up some nice info. example -
  8. Yes, I remember the railway line and Police Box. Did the railway line there come from Babbo Pit as I also recall it crossing Bells Lane and at the back of Embassy tyres?
  9. In the past, lots of people have pledged to attend one of the many Nottstalgia 'Meets' in the Poacher, however, only a few of us have bothered to turn up. My thoughts...........if you want to make sure it's a good night, invite lots of 'none Nottstalia' people....... and then charge a nominal fee on the door. P.S. Make sure the venue serves decent ale!!!!!! and I might be interested. (I'm not a Dungeon person as I was married and bringing up a young person during my early years)
  10. I'm in bed for 9 and up at 5. can you tape it?
  11. Most of the lads I went to school with had a nick name.......what was yours and how did you get it? Mine was I was quite small for my age (made up for it since and am now 6' 8" tall )
  12. Frank

    White Paint

    My brother who lives in Spain is a decorator by trade...retired now, but for the last 20 years of his working life he rubbished Dulux and praised Crown Paints. I myself use Crown, based on his recommendation and have never had any problems. Then again, I only buy the odd tin now and again.
  13. Hi Anthony Were you involved with the East Midlands Refrigeration Society? I may have met you at Basford Hall College on one of the meeting nights where you tried to re-invigorate the membership? I was there with Brian Killan and others...... Sorry to say, but I'm not the Frank you are thinking of.
  14. Not quite Eric....just related to a few :-) (com'n Mick - get the smilies sorted! ) Her brothers have spent most of their lives in the lagging game and are now paying the price with Asbestos related health issues. Conjures up an interesting picture though doesn't it?....Mrs Frank in overalls in the attic rolling out bales of fibreglass ha ha ha ha ha
  15. Only Jesting my friend. If the meet is on a weekend then I could attend. If it's a weekday then work has to take priority. My next booked holiday is mid September fer a trip to Spain....Hola!!
  16. Nice to see that the 'Mark all posts as read' button has appeared at the top of the page.
  17. I'll get another telling off now for 'Highjacking' this thread.......
  18. I'm married to one of the sisters!
  19. Frank

    Decent Joiner?

    I know a good one - I normally pay him £150/day
  20. I know my's in the corner .......SULKING!
  21. It's the Mitsubishi HD I bought it from here
  22. Hi Paulus Do you know the 'Ryans' from the lagging game?
  23. I upgraded my sub woofer from Superfi a few weeks ago. Damn thing is gooooood. Makes even the normal TV sound good. The new Blu-ray player coupled with the projector and 3m screen really brings it alive.
  24. I remember a good few years ago when running a big job down in Gravesend and one of the lads brought his latest mucky mag in to the site cabin/office to show me, as this particular month it included some of those red and green glasses in a paper frame. Well, here am I, sat behind my desk with these glasses on trying to make out the 3D photo's in the mag when in walks the Manager and Director from Head Office. As I looked up, one of them looked green and the Director looked red. It was a little difficult trying to explain it I can tell you!!!! Laugh about it now though whenever I meet up with the lad who liked mucky mags.(Fiesta, I think it was called)
  25. You don't see many people asking for a Black Velvet anymore....