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  1. Saw Rod two or three times in the late 60s when he was singing with the Jeff Beck Group, with Aynsley Dunbar on drums and Ron Wood on guitar/bass. Rod was a great blues singer but a weird dresser. He often appeared in what looked like striped pyjama trousers and a pink vest with white piping.
  2. More class! If you can.. go 'full screen' on this .. it is fabulous.. I have an abiding memory of one of the older lads on Southglade Road breaking out into 'Only You',, at the time.. I'd be about 6. The girl singer Zola Taylor was lovely. Sadly she died of pneumonia in 2009 aged 69. She was replaced in the Platters by Barbara Randolph, already an established singer and actress..who went on to join the 'Motown' stable. Barbara is probably best remembered now for her version of : 'I Got A Feelin'. She died in South Africa.. from cancer.. aged 60.
  3. DJ360

    CB Radio

    Is anyone still using CB? I never got involved. 'Breaker one nine for a copy...' 'What's your twenty?' Sometimes when I go up to the top of our local hill.. there will be a chap using 'Amateur Radio' and talking to people on other continents. It's all very polite and correct, with proper call signs etc. I can talk to people all over the World on my phone., but I can still see the attraction of older technologies.
  4. I also love the Shirelles version. Lots of the soul bands I saw in the 60s did versions of this song.
  5. As well as the classics..I recall seeing Doris in a film called 'With Six You Get Egg Roll' back in the 60s. It was Ok but no more. Doris was frequently at pains to point out in later years that she wasn't exactly the sweet innocent she was always portrayed to be and wanted to be seen as a ore serious artist. Here's one of my favourites from her recordings.
  6. Wow!! I can't believe I never posted in this thread. I once took a girlfriend to visit my relatives in Coventry. She turned up dutifully at Huntingdon St Bus Station at 'Stupid o Clock' in the morning. She looked ever. By the time we'd changed at Leicester and arrived at Coventry she was a little less animated. My Coventry Aunt ensured the comfort of my long suffering girlfriend. By the time we got back home I think it was already over.. What WAS I thinking?
  7. Evening all. I've been busy today laying paving in the garden. Re-laying is more accurate. It's a right pain. I'm too old for this lark... Still.. my 'bloods' came back all OK the other day as did my Covid Survey Swab Test. I have a 'Transthoracic Echocardiogram' booked for Saturday. Life is just one long round of pleasure... Carni.. I agree with Brew. Try a new charger and/or cable.
  8. I'm a confirmed Carnivore. We humans have an Omnivorous Dentition, which makes us equipped to eat pretty much anything, including plants and meat. That said, I can happily exist for days without meat, eating things like Hummus, Dahl etc. I also love a nice juicy steak. but I am increasingly aware of the environmental damage beef production causes. I'd agree wiith Annswabey.. that if you don't like..or approve of meat.. you should not be looking for 'identikit versions' which look and taste the same.
  9. Ian.. that is a sound enough principle... until you start running out of tomorrows.....
  10. Ben.. I'd say you had the composition 'down pat'... And Trina looks like a very lovely young lady.
  11. Today, it being warmish and more importantly, not blowing a gale.. I resumed operations on the re-laying of the paving at the back of the house. I carefully prepared the ground for another couple of slabs.. It started raining.. An hour or so later it stopped, and I dragged a bag of cement out of the garage and round the house, as well as switching the outside tap on from indoors at the shut off valve. I was about to open a bag of sand when.... It started raining again. I took the cement back to the garage... blasphemed a bit and gave
  12. I think it is worth remembering that the institution of Parliament.. which so often fought tooth and nail against the Monarchy, now draws a certain much needed 'gravitas' from the fact that the Queen is constitutionally the Head of State. That is why Johnson's lying to the Queen last year made very clear his contempt for Parliament, and by extension, the people of this country. I've already said that I really don't have much interest in the monarchy and from a Paperazzi/Gutter press point of view I have none. That however does not mean that I want them gone. I'm in rare agreemen
  13. Mary, 'Before the Deluge' is one of many brilliant songs written by Jackson Browne.. and one of my favourites. I like both versions... and there are many others out there... including one where JB duets the song with Joan Baez.
  14. I used to buy Levi's in Jeff's As I recall both Levi and Wrangler jeans were 52s6d. Again, from memory, the mods mostly preferred Wrangler jeans, whilst the more 'beat' types wore Levi. I was never a Mod, though I enjoyed the same music and DJ'd to crowds of mods. At some point I discovered 'Lee' jeans.. not to be confused with Lee Cooper....which were very uncool by the mid-late 60s. I don't know who made 'Lee' jeans, but I liked the fit, and the fact that the back pockets were half-lined. Lee were 55s in Jeff's.. but worth the premium.. though in the end they didn't last any
  15. I've known a few Queens in my time..... but not intimately...
  16. Hi Nonna, Normal People is a TV Series based on a best selling book by Sally Rooney. The Series was broadcast by BBC3 and is available for 'catch up' viewing on the BBC 'iPlayer'. I don't know what the arrangements are for viewing BBC in Italy. It is also available on Amazon as, I think, both a download, (via Prime?) and a DVD. Also the original book can be bought as a physical book on Amazon, or as an 'Audiobook'. I've listened to the Audiobook and it makes certain issues much clearer.
  17. As opposed to the ever decreasing ones I move in... I'm fairly neutral about royalty. To me, they are largely an irrelevance. I'm just not interested. To be fair young Kate is rather lovely, comes across as genuine and seems hard working. I think calling Megan Markle 'The Mekon' carries all sorts of connotations that I find very distasteful. She's not from Britain, and she's black. So what? The same applies to my future son in law. He's served this country in Afghanistan and is now serving us again as a key worker. What have those hurling the insults actually d
  18. Were there large Cream Cakes in there Chris? Seriously, one of the reasons I stopped doing car maintenance was that it was guaranteed to kick off vertigo, just from leaning into the engine compartment, but especially if I was rolling about underneath trying to reach some barely accessible part. Over years, I've learned to avoid sudden movements, including leaping out of bed too quickly. Look after yersen Miduck..
  19. The book explains a lot of stuff which you have to rather guess at in the TV series, or which you could easily miss if you miss a few words of dialogue. It also makes the ending much clearer... but I think they are looking at another series....
  20. Just for a bit of name dropping. My late Father in Law worked with Laurel and Hardy in the UK as he also toured with Moss Empires. ( He was a ventriloquist and a comic.) Somewhere in the family is a genuine signed photograph from them with a dedication to Mrs Col's Dad, her Mum and the new baby.. which would be Mrs Col.
  21. I cleared my inbox last night.
  22. Aaah. I wouldn't worry too much. No doubt Jim will reappear tomorrow and pick up on this. Or one of the site 'Mods' will step in to help.