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  1. I went there a few times in the '60s. What sticks in my mins was Kenny Ball. Long John Baldry was there but not performing. He was surrounded by girls - I guess they didn't know!
  2. Just making sure you're paying attention, Fynger.
  3. I got caught with this one the other day. It's an elbow, not a bum. It would have been a nice bum, though, if it wasn't an elbow!
  4. My mother mentioned that bakery bombing several times. She always resented having her school mates go off to die in the forces and the bombing of Nottingham was something she never quite put behind her. One of her pet hates was the Jehovah's Witnesses who drove up to their Kingdom Hall near her home is cars with masked headlights. It must have been galling sight to see the 'conchies' in cars while her pals were being blown up in Europe. She told me that the bakery was near to a railway bridge over the Trent. It took a direct hit aimed, presumably, at the bridge. The building collapsed into its own basement and many people in there were never found.
  5. Why would anyone want to flirt with girls wearing green overalls?
  6. Unbelievable! Which government is the more desperate? Two nations that don't like each other sharing les bateaux (pardonnez mon francais) et les hommes. A strike for gay rights in the forces - oo la la!!! Still, assuming that both governments have to agree, there won't be many wars. Imagine if there were. The Brits advancing would be falling over the French going the other way.
  7. I'll second that! The first English number1 world Ranking since Faldo in 1994.
  8. I had a film Canon EOS and replaced it a few years ago with the EOS350D ('Rebel' in countries that like redneck names). It produces great results, the standard lens is used almost exclusively and I wouldn't want to change it. Probably the model has changed in name or been upgraded since I bought it but Canon just seems to get better. Have a look on my blog for some recent pics. Regarding editing software, I used Elements but for a few years, when I switched to Mac, Adobe expected me to pay again. I went instead for Gimp, free to download, and it's been fine for my modest needs. For anyone who hasn't yet got around to moving over to Mac, I think there's a pc version too.
  9. Anyone remember when you could actually stand inside the Major Oak? The last time that I saw it, it was fenced off. Still, the poor old thing was on its last legs anyway. Make way for a development of neat little chalet style homes or a commercial park.
  10. Much has changed in that areas since I was a kid, judging by the Google Maps image. The Raleigh factory, if my memory of it's location is correct, is cleared and the Players factory has been replaced by something else. The old bonded warehouses seem to be still their and cream in colour. They were dark green for years after the war. Much of the old Victorian Radford seems to have gone. The Crown Pub seems to have survived - one of those boozers that looked much better on the outside that the inside. There was a canal that ran parallel to Radford Bridge Road. Long gone, I think. When I look at the many things lost to Nottingham I sometimes feel that something has been stolen from me. I hope that those who still live there feel that the improvements have been worth the losses.
  11. Well, German and Greek village bullies, at least! !!
  12. Oops! 'Germany to declare war on the US'. Yes, the US forced Japan to act.
  13. The Empire is long gone. Instead of statues for the present family members, perhaps they should surround their various homes with tributes to the taxpayers who have helped them to further enrich themselves.
  14. Over here we have motorcycle ice cream carts with Walls signs on them. They wander around the villages all day. A nice touch from the distant past. Good ice cream too. Given the pregnancy rate amongst the young village girls, a 'Buy Me And Stop One' vendor might provide a useful service.
  15. Pearces ice cream I remember well from the '50's. A vehicle, perhaps it was a Landy, with a trailer would pull up outside our house regularly in the summer. I think that the livery as pale orange and cream.
  16. I recall a tv documentary which claimed Russia, Germany and Japan had an agreement that they would not attack each other and would declare war in any country that attacked any one of them. Italy may have been a member of that group too. Were they called the Axis powers? The attack on Pearl Harbour was bound to force the US to declare war on Japan and that obliged Germany to declare war on Germany. Until then, the US had been content to profit from the war by selling arms and other supplies to the UK on credit terms that were finally settled only a few years ago. The real winners were, of course, the big banking families who funded both side of the war in Europe. Roosevelt was keen to send young Americans tho their deaths in Europe and Asia but the population in general saw no advantage in so doing. Perhaps the bankers were offering him a commission if the US also borrowed money from them. Perhaps he feared that the US would be overrun by foreigners. Too late mate - ask the native Americans! There is evidence that his Administration had advance warning of the Japanese attack and allowed it to go ahead unhindered as his way of getting stuck into the war. Some people hold the view that the US intimidated Japan into launching the attack by strengthening its military presence in the Pacific. It makes you wonder whether the same technique has been used in more modern times. If you let go of the notion that those who have influence over us care a flying fig about the loss of a few thousand lives, some interesting possibilities become apparent.
  17. Looking again at the pic., I too would say that it's the north western side of the park. The camera may have been in front of the Hall facing to the right of the stables and in the direction of Wollaton village. If that's the case then the huts that I remember would have been the ones at the top right hand corner of the map but out of the photo to the right.
  18. I can remember the statue in its original position with trolley buses passing by. Everything in Nottingham in those days that couldn't go home and wash was covered in grime and the queen was no exception. Her removal was one of the expensive changes made to the city and, looking back, you have to wonder whether the changes were intended for the benefit of the citizens or to line a few pockets. One the other hand, why should the statue be there at the centre of the city at all?
  19. Pack of two? Packs of three, I think. 'Something for the weekend, Sir?'
  20. Also, the part of Wollaton Hall where I saw the huts was flat as a pancake. On the other hand, there could have been huts all over the park.
  21. Even cigarette machines outside shops all night were safe in those days.
  22. I remember the days of the parking light too. Those paraffin lamps were dangerous. The old man eventually bought a light that hooked onto the window and clipped onto the battery. I guess it was visible a split second before you drove into the car.