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  1. Oh I remember them indeed, always evoked happy memories seeing these photos. TTFN.
  2. TGC

    Meadows memories

    I walked (or rather hobbled) though the Meadows the other week - and the original doorway to the washhouse is still there with a plaque on it now. The the entrance to the baths is still there too! Took me back still being able to get me bearings from a few remaining bits. Gawd I miss the old Meadows.
  3. I never ask for chocolate because it's bad for you teggies and I have a will of steel! I might ask for Kit-Kat, Picnic, Milky Bar, Marathon, All Gold, Golf Bars, Aero Bar, After Eights, Bournville, Caramello Bar, Fudge, Flake, Smarties, Kinder Egg, Lion Bar, Milky Way, Munchies, Penguin Bar, Picnic, Time-Out, Toblerone, Topic Bar, Twirl, Twix or a Yorkie occasionally though... Cough cough...
  4. Fings ain't wot they used to be... apart frum no one has come forward to adopt me yet? I just can't understand it at all...
  5. Link to me new blogsite. Plenty of Nottingham stuff of course. Hope to keep in touch more, glad to be back. Sorry about missing the meet, but I dare not allow myself to be tempted by alcohol. TTFN all.
  6. Wot we need is more Tug Wilsons! I'll get me hat on...
  7. Thanks carni. say no more gal, I'll dedicate it Billy Dainty! Hehe.
  8. I had a dream last night abart me gettin' made redundant all over again... 'orrible it were! Woke up feelin' even more depressed than usual - but oh so glad it wont 'appenin' agen in reality! Poor twit!
  9. Well I wear long-johns in winter, am bald, and do have an arthritis imposed limp. Is that okay do you think?
  10. I have now come to terms with them taking away my licence - as I could no longer afford a car anyway, and a good little walk regularly (they tell me) is good fer keeping me new ticker goin'. I often see folk queueing and going around and around at the QMC on me weekly visits fer me NRI tests - and recall how this used to frustrate me so when I had transport - so I do feel sorry for those drivers and passengers. So. if any of you see me hobbling into the QMC (usually on a Tuesday), I carry some nibbles with me fer the nurses, so stop me and get one to eat while yer tryin' to find somewhere to park! How do you recognise me? Well, 5'2", overweight and a bit wobbly, sometimes with a walking stick, a sour bespectacled round face, hearing aids, bald, hobbling a bit, and limping on bow legs and arthritic knees... oh and often to be found muttering to missen! Take care all.
  11. I've noticed an extraordinary amount of young folk who I see shaking their leg when sitting down?
  12. Expert? Me? No! I vehemently deny it! Hehehe. Computers, along with deep water and women, don't half scare me!
  13. The True Tale of Woe: A story of one Nottingham man's (Using the term loosely) utter failure, depression, frustration, and poverty, starting in August 1947 Chapter Ten: ‘The part-time Jobs’ Nearby where we lived (did I say lived?) there was a hardware store on Kirkwhite Street, Heason's was the name. Daddy very kindly got me a Saturday job with them, to help supplement my double paper round, and Grove light lighting jobs funds. I think I got paid 2/3d for a full nine hour day (11p). But it didn't last too long. Among my duties, was burning the weeks rubbish in the back yard, and delivering small items bought in the shop to customers on an 'errand boy’s bike' . On about the fourth weekend, I set fire to the shed, then the bike ended up under a trolleybus on Arkwright Street, when I came off on the icy road, and the table lamp that was in the basket got broke, well crushed under the trolleybus wheels actually! I was not injured in either incident, not that anyone asked. Mr Heason was very good about it, and let me work for another two Saturdays and kept my wages in payment for the lamp, and damage repairs to the bike before sacking me. Daddy was not pleased, and sent me immediately to the Grove cinema, to apply for the job as gas-lamp lighter, and snuffer in the evenings and weekend. Amazingly they took me on straight away, and paid well too, about 7/6d a week, And! - I got to see the pictures, even the X-rated for free! He did force me into taking an evening paper round though, but that soon ended when he realised I would not be home in time to assure I lit the fire and get his dinner ready in time. Later, a chap bought out Georges old stables, and started a business in firewood supplies. Naturally, I joined them with Dad's help, and set about being taught where and how to swipe wood from, back at base sorting it out, how to use the chopping machine (they would not let me have a go on the band-saw), then the bundling machine (a vice into which you put the sticks, pressed a pedal, then twisted a wire around them, released the pedal and then threw the bundle into a massive trolley - and then wheel the trolley over to the bagging area [use 56lb potato sacks] and count twenty bundles into each bag). I even helped with the deliveries to the shops, on an old shop bike, somehow they managed to get four bags onto it, as well as me. I was enjoying doing this job, but dear mater returned, and I was to return to the nubbing, hair-net card filling and so on. Tsk! More to Follow...
  14. 1) ORM - Object Role Modelling. Beyond me even after trying to read it? 2) ORM - Object-relational mapping in computer software is a programming technique for converting data between incompatible type systems in object-oriented programming languages. This creates, in effect, a "virtual object database" that can be used from within the programming language. There are both free and commercial packages available that perform object-relational mapping, although some programmers opt to create their own ORM tools. Well of course we all knew that.... Not the ORM referred to here I'm sure. Hehe!