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  1. Rog, Exellent idea to take a photo of the trike at all the different landmarks,I look forward to seeing them, Didn't know about Thurlby Hall and the Gonville Bromhead conection though, By the way do you put the trike away for the winter ?
  2. I can Paulus, I used to take them home and use some of my Hornby Double O track, slightly inclined, to rave them.
  3. Yeh Paulus, On the swinging baskets, going right to the end, and holding on to those rope webbing and letting your feet dangle toward the other end, can you imagine that now !! Boxing booth's as well, there seemed to be a guy from Bilborough somewhere they called him "Boxer Bill" he was always taking on the guys from the booth,
  4. Remembering the rides from the early 60s, My favorite- the ROTA, that was the one where you stood agains't the wall and it started to spin, as the floor moved up, until centrifugal force pinned you to the wall then the floor was lowered and you were stuck to the wall for what seemed like ages, then as it slowed you slid down the wall until you touched the ground then tried to get to the centrepole. The METEORITE, Again standing up agains't the cage, the CATERPILLAR, taking a girl on the ride and waiting for the cover to come over so you were in semi darkness,putting your arm around her then
  5. Did anyone play a game that we called Hot Rice ? usually in the school playground, at the start everyone stood in a large circle with there legs apart, a tennis ball was tossed into the middle and whoevers legs the ball ran under was ON, that person then had to throw the ball at others if it hit them then they were ON as well and teamed up, the game went on until all had been hit
  6. Yeh Cliff forgot about Football Post &( News which was pink,) Sunday Papers were heavy ! But can you remember how heavy Woman & Womans Own on Tuesdays and Thursdays were, It's a wonder i don't walk with a permanent stoop !!
  7. Like you Beachbum, i had a paper round 18s 6d,when i started, went up to 22s buy the time i left, Mornings and evenings, 2 days off a year Christmas day & Good Friday, Talking to my local newsagent, He's the same can't get the young ones to do it anymore, He told me one new lad rang last week and said " we don't have to take them when it's raining do we !!" and last winter one lad said "I'm not delivering in the snow" elf & safety!!
  8. Remember buying Levi's in the early days and then laying in the bath so they shrunk to fit,
  9. Brilliant photo Poohbear!! Thats about the length mine was, no sides on mine though, We didn't always sit either, some times we'd lay on top of each other to go faster, WEEEEEH,
  10. I was lucky enough to see the Beatles both times at the Odeon, I remember the second time you had to write to the Evening Post for tickets and each person was only allowed 2, Me & 4 mates all wrote seperately, I was the only one to get 2 tickets, now the Dilema which mate to take !!
  11. I don't think so Braddy, although i'm not sure, I think they all use the Tram now mate,
  12. Just looking at your 1st photo Compo, the number 40 Wilford rd, thats the one we used to catch to visit my Aunties who still lived dahn the Medders when i was a kid in the 50s, was there also a 47 that went down wilford rd ? Another trolley bus i remember was the no 39 from wollaton to Carlton, I still have a vision of a conductress hooking the poles back on the track, which would have held up traffic behind, Not much road rage in those days was there !!
  13. The huge difference between one generation of kids that need to grow up...and another generation that had no choice but to grow up very quickly. Your dead right about that Poohbear, The only two scooters i remember were Triang & MoBo, I had a MoBo, was there any other manufacturers ? Thanks for Photo link Cliff Ton, having looked at it, what about that other form of transport when we were smaller the Pedal car !!
  14. What memories Hey Guys, all your discriptions were funny but oh so true, It seems we all used the same design, Mine was the same as yours Michael Booth, Big wheels at back small at front, no brakes, and when you think, yes, how did we stop !! we were always on the lookout for any discarded coach built prams, the other thing lads of that age always looked out for were V shaped branches in trees to make Catapults with, we called them "Galleys" what did you lot call them, I've heard "Gadder" from a Hucknall Mate,