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  1. Hi all ... anyone remember Betty and Shirley Winders., they were twin sisters...Trent bridge school . late 60's ?
  2. We used to call the shop on glebe street Kens then it changed I think did anyone know alex lang?
  3. In my class I remember ..Kevin Dunford, Steven Morrell. Sean Stevens he had a brother Ray, Steven Coyle,Keith Green,Steven Spencer, John Gadsby, Betty and Shirley Winders,Gillian Hargreaves Carol Parnham,....... omg .... memories
  4. I would have left for Trent Bridge I was 11 in 1965, Mr Hutchinson was head. I remember Mr Parr think he was a welsh guy....Miss Raven.. and Skinner rings a bell... spooky name ... huh?
  5. me rob perkins and john ogram used to play bingo there up stairs.... we had a bag of washers to put in bingo machines
  6. good job us TB boys didn't catch you lol... we would have had yer fags and yr birds,,,, hahahah.... just joking
  7. .Yes ... I remember her... I think there was a kevin Fryer
  8. So sorry... there was a Paul Booth in my class, some memories of meadows still make me laugh... Denshaw I remember was a really nice lad. nice to meet you
  9. OMG.... Hello mate.... were you in Tilby terrace ... and didn't you have an old tv set in back yr with mice in it, I might be wrong .. its sure a long time ago. but great to hear from you
  10. I seem to remember Jacqueline Bentley down Meadow lane I think
  11. Am I right in thinking Michael Booth came from Mundella to TB?.........if so he was in my class... tall lad, can you place me Tony... whats yr surname?
  12. would be nice to know if old mates are still around....I know Rob Perkins is . I was I a parts place a while ago and got served by his son or nephew... ?
  13. andy charlesworth..??... not sure if my brother and I were in same year as you... David and Philip Hotchkiss...