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  1. Are you David Farrell ? Grainger Street. What happened to Mick and Catherine ? I used to know them both back in the 60's.

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    2. Philip Cox

      Philip Cox

      Hi David. I'm sorry to hear about Michael, I remember him well when I lived down Brand Street so it makes me sad to hear that. I can remember him and Catherine talking about an older brother in the navy. Seems a long time ago now which it is but good memories stay in the mind forever. Thank you for letting me know.

    3. Deeps


      Hi Phillip

      Michael had a good life he had two sons  and lots of Grandchildren he had worked in the building trade throughout his life He is sadly missed by all. I have lots of happy memories of where we lived and of the friends I had. Lost touch with most of them while I was away in the Navy. I returned to Nottingham in the 70s I lived and worked out at Whatton before moving on again. I enjoy Nottstalgia because it sometimes throws up names I know and remember which in turn brings the memories flooding back. 

    4. Philip Cox

      Philip Cox

      Hi David. Yes I know what you mean, I guess we all love to go back to our younger days and rootes. Occasionally I have gone back to the streets and although the houses are long gone the streets are still there along with a few of the buildings. when I look along I can see all those friends running playing and kicking a ball against the wall.


      Some more I remember which may ring a bell. The Cumperpatches from Holme Street, Terry Murden, David and Graham Love from Grainger Street, Maureen and Snadra Swinn from Grainger Street, Billy and Kenny Watts from Home Street, Dennis Pike ( he had an older brother carnt remember his name ) Brian Miles and a whole lot more it goes on.


      Simple days but great ones no one had much money but it was always fun playing out and running around those streets. Never to be forgotten as ive said.

  2. Thank you Lizzie, are you from the Medders too ?

    1. LizzieM


      No Philip but my Mum grew up on Queens Grove.

  3. Hi Are you David Farrell ?, I knew your younger bother mick he was a year or so older than me. I can remember he had an older bother I also remember Catherine Farrell, what happened to them ?

  4. Ive been reading a lot of the posts about the Medders and particularily the 5 streets, Moreland, Brand, Grainger, Holme, Freeth oh maybe 6 Meadow grove. I can remember all of the things being remembered, great memories of great streets and people.
  5. Hi Michael thanks for the pic of Brand street. I lived by the last lamppost on the left number 61. Your name rings a bell, I think you said you lived in Grainger street, next one on from Brand Street. Can you remember Graham love at all ? he lived at the bottom end nearer Freeth Street, carnt remember the number. also Paul and pete cumberpatch, Billy and Kenny Watts from home Street, Stuart Miles oh Maureen Swinn from Grainger Street and many many others. I lived on Brand Street from 1952 until 1971.
  6. Great to see the old streets again. My house was 61 Brand Street can be seen on top two pics, thank you for putting these on.
  7. Do these names ring a bell ?   Philip Cox, Graham Love, Paul & Pete Cumberpatch and loads more. Arkright School ?