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  1. Wasn't there a Bohemia/n at the top of Hockley? You had to go upstairs to get to it. Frequented it regularly 62/63
  2. Hi, went to Greenwood Technical bilateral in 1957 ,and knew all the teachers and Reg Skilbeck ,plus Nat Bonner and Mt Tobey .I was in T2 when in went bilateral.left 15 years old . regards Alan Wallis 

    1. trogg


      HI Alan welcome to Nottstalgia , I started there a year after you and can remember all the teachers you mentioned. If you use the search button at the top and look for Greenwood Secondary you will find a section on it and find a few more members on here who went there. I look forward to more memories from you.

  3. Hi Weetabix I was in 1A from September 58 Cant remember Mr Clarke or anybody called weetabix
  4. Are you David Farrell ? Grainger Street. What happened to Mick and Catherine ? I used to know them both back in the 60's.

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    2. Philip Cox

      Philip Cox

      Hi David. I'm sorry to hear about Michael, I remember him well when I lived down Brand Street so it makes me sad to hear that. I can remember him and Catherine talking about an older brother in the navy. Seems a long time ago now which it is but good memories stay in the mind forever. Thank you for letting me know.

    3. Deeps


      Hi Phillip

      Michael had a good life he had two sons  and lots of Grandchildren he had worked in the building trade throughout his life He is sadly missed by all. I have lots of happy memories of where we lived and of the friends I had. Lost touch with most of them while I was away in the Navy. I returned to Nottingham in the 70s I lived and worked out at Whatton before moving on again. I enjoy Nottstalgia because it sometimes throws up names I know and remember which in turn brings the memories flooding back. 

    4. Philip Cox

      Philip Cox

      Hi David. Yes I know what you mean, I guess we all love to go back to our younger days and rootes. Occasionally I have gone back to the streets and although the houses are long gone the streets are still there along with a few of the buildings. when I look along I can see all those friends running playing and kicking a ball against the wall.


      Some more I remember which may ring a bell. The Cumperpatches from Holme Street, Terry Murden, David and Graham Love from Grainger Street, Maureen and Snadra Swinn from Grainger Street, Billy and Kenny Watts from Home Street, Dennis Pike ( he had an older brother carnt remember his name ) Brian Miles and a whole lot more it goes on.


      Simple days but great ones no one had much money but it was always fun playing out and running around those streets. Never to be forgotten as ive said.

  5. Hi Coughdrop I was really interested to read your post During my time in boats in the early 60s I along with lots of other Submariners was offered the chance to transfer to the RAN when they were building their own Submarine service using Oberon class submarines they had built in the UK. Lots of Aussie submariners served on our boats. The decision not to transfer is one I have regretted eversince especially now as I visit Sydney regularly to see my son who lives there and works in Neutral Bay where HMAS Penguin was the S/M base
  6. Hi Are you David Farrell ?, I knew your younger bother mick he was a year or so older than me. I can remember he had an older bother I also remember Catherine Farrell, what happened to them ?

  7. Hi Phillip Cox I lived on Grainger St at the same time you were on Brand St although I can't remember you. I think you were probably my younger brothers age group ( Mick Farrell ) I recognise all those names you mention and can recall lots of others many of whom have been mentioned in previous posts about this area. Did you have an elder brother ( Melvin)
  8. Strangely enough I went down the pit at Calverton when I was at school despite the fact that there was lots of jobs on offer I decided it wasn't for me so I joined the RN and ended up in Submarines . The attraction was the 2/6 a day extra pay
  9. Did a large number of cruises in the 60/70s Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean , Barents sea, (Don't tell the Russians) Arctic, Med Still have a photograph of a group of us on the Ice whilst surfaced near to the North Pole. Travelling for HM Government in pressurised tubular steel at the time non of the comforts seen on the cruise though.
  10. Hi Waddo Perhaps I can explain why Albert Pierrepont never carried out Executions at Nottingham Prison. HMP Lincoln and HMP Leicester are classed as local prisons . The roll of the local prison is to receive prisoners either convicted or remanded from the courts that they served within their catchment area they will then allocate convicted prisoners to a training prison appropriate to their category to continue their sentence. Remand prisoners are held until they are to be produced for their next hearing in the court in which they were remanded. Nottingham was classed as a training pri
  11. Hi I remember a Walton family they lived at the top of Sneinton Boulevard There were two sisters Carol and Veronica.
  12. Hi Trogg/Ray531 we were at Greenwood at the same time I can remember all the named teachers plus a couple more Taffy Broom who was our form master and Mr Harrison who taught woodwork. If I remember correctly the canoe club based at Trent pool was named the venturers Society we had some good Friday nights down at the club house. Both Mike Graham and Phil Barwick played for Notts RFC. I remember them both taking a group of us Rugby players to Twickenham for the Middlesex sevens unfortunately I got separated from the main group at Waterloo station nobody realised I was missing until the police at
  13. Thanks Michael I found this really interesting. I left school in the early 60s jobs available to me then were The pit, Boots,Players and Raleigh. My stepdad worked at Raleigh at this time and thankfully guided me away from it having seen this I'm glad he did so I chose the Navy the rest as they say is history
  14. Deeps

    Shire Hall

    I have sent you a PM in response to your request
  15. When at sea on a Sunday the Captain always held a church service the final hymn was always the Naval hymn which I Always felt was Entirely appropriate especially when we were dived at 600ft in places we really shouldn't have been. It remains my favourite hymn.