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  1. ValuerJim

    Duchess of Cambridge

    No problem with HM Brenda. We need a Head of State and she makes a pretty good job of it. But Sir Alan Fitztightly, Runner of the Bath, we can do without.
  2. ValuerJim

    Trips to Grantham Station

    Thanks Smiffy and Fly. A fascinating article. I also remember that as the 4 o'clock train left for Nottingham a through express was scheduled to run through heading north. I thought it was the Elizabethan but my 1960 eastern region timetable shows this not to have been the case. Could it have been the Centenary? I cannot find the timings for this and assume it had been discontinued by 1960.
  3. ValuerJim

    Trips to Grantham Station

    I spent many happy hours on Grantham station in the late 50s and well remember the prototype Deltic. Caught the train from Basford North so no restrictions, but 'all trainspotters for Nottingham and Derby must leave on the four o'clock train'. Got thrown off only once, for burning my initials into a bench with a red hot poker out of the fire, and quite right too. One thing I can picture but think I might have dreamt it; was there a turning triangle alongside the running shed?
  4. ValuerJim

    Rail travel card

    Had one each for a good few years, and worth every penny. We are fortunate in Greater Manchester to be able to use our bus pass for free travel on the Metrolink tram service, and on train journeys within the GM area.
  5. ValuerJim

    Things that pee you off

    What's pink and wrinkled, and hangs out your pants? Yer mam!
  6. ValuerJim

    Nottinham Forest v Arsenal 07-01-18

    A bit hard on paving slabs there, Fly.
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  8. ValuerJim

    Keith Barron

    Although he often popped up on TV, I will always associate him with the Dennis Potter Nigel Barton plays of the 1960s.
  9. ValuerJim


    Do you think it is just possible to remember and hope without wearing a poppy?
  10. I wouldn't mind having a go at re-living my life, knowing all of the critical points, and see if where I end up is significantly different.
  11. ValuerJim

    Reaching Maturity

    When my grandkids moan about being bored I have to tell them that when I was their age I used to have to make my own boredom.
  12. ValuerJim

    "HS1" "HS2"

    I find that, since I qualified for a senior citizen's railcard, and can travel by bus, tram and train in and around Greater Manchester for nothing with my bus pass, I am using the train for longer journeys in preference to the car. Unless you need to travel at the last minute and can plan ahead and navigate the ticketing system, there are some great bargains to be had.
  13. ValuerJim

    Reaching Maturity

    Great choice, Col. Tom Rush wrote some great songs. Dusty Springfield does it for me too, with Going Back.
  14. Rugby was the only winter option at HP, apart from hockey. I fancied myself at football, and reckon that my time at HP closed the door on my international career.
  15. Remember the athletics competition? With the house flags ranged up a stick indicating the leader. Wollaton, black and yellow, was always in danger of relegation.