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  1. An interesting re-acquaintance with this site. I was at HP between 1956 and 1963, 1c, 2a, Mod3a etc, and recall a lot of the masters already mentioned, Stan Middleton in particular. Crossland did RE, didn't he, and had served out in the middle east during either wartime or national service? Saayman's catch phrase was "is it hard to grasp, boy?", which was the origin of our schoolboy 'joke' "why is Eddie Saayman's maths like a greasy tit?" I've not seen mention of 'Jack' Train or Chick Farr, science and French respectively? There was a Tomkins, and definitely a Bonser, and a Russian? gymnast he
  2. How about taking the wall down to your ground level and replacing it with a post and panel fence?
  3. Does anyone know? Do the markers of the papers, and the moderators, know which school or college they came from?
  4. Thanks guys. Next time I'm back I must try it.
  5. I was sat on the bog this morning reading about Nottingham in Bradshaw's railway guide. Apparently, from Mapperley Plains, according to Bradshaw, it is possible to see Lincoln Cathedral and Belvoir Castle. Is that right?
  6. I remember that track, Beekay. It was there until quite late on, into the 80s I seem to recall. How about a short line in the old Central Market in the 1950s, or have I dreamed that?
  7. One of my earliest pre-spotting memories is of climbing to the top of the concrete slopes off station pad, alongside Basford and Bulwell station, to see Prince Palatine, in blue, as it was turned on the triangle with the GC. I guess it was around 1953.
  8. 'Phoney charges', Ayup? Tell us more.
  9. It's easier to collect. Just back from an ASDA pickup, which was like clockwork. Only four items unavailable, and once you've got your slot you can amend the order any time within 6 days of the booked slot. You can also specify no substitutions.
  10. I stand corrected. I was unaware of the revival of the title, and of the South Yorkshireman. My interest in these trains ended in 1958!
  11. Sorry to be picky, but the Master Cutler never went into St Pancras. After it left the old GC route it went into Kings Cross.
  12. You left out the punchline, Oz. After the mob cry 'we're all individuals', a lone voice shouts 'I'm not!'
  13. Any idea of the location of the fishing scenes, with Norman Rossington?
  14. I was a 'young male' c1960, and well remember being in Manning as one of the inter-sixth form society, as an HP pupil. Most uneventful, but I did end up married to an old girl, and still am, 52 years later.