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  1. ValuerJim

    What was your first car?

    It was no swap. The scrapyard gave me £5.00 for my car, and the LP cost me £4 19s 11d. I've still got the LP.
  2. ValuerJim

    What was your first car?

    An NSU Prinz, around 1962, bought from a dealer behind the Ice Stadium for £250 provided by grandma as a wedding present in 1968. Took it on honeymoon around Devon and Cornwall, and had it in Manchester until 1970, when I sold it to Race's scrapyard in Northenden. I bought a Melanie LP on the proceeds of sale. Had a good few since, but the most useful, and sadly missed, was a Toyota Previa. The crappiest was a Jaguar XJ6, and the most coveted the Rover 75, of which I had three in succession.
  3. So guess who's Guess Who. It's perfectly straightforward.
  4. A shop has recently opened in our local precinct selling branded clothes, trading under the title of 'Guess Who's'. I reckon it should be 'Guess Whose', but I'm open to suggestions.
  5. ValuerJim

    Jigsaw puzzle season

    I was bought the John Speed historical county jigsaw of Notts for my birthday this year. What a shoddy product, and not cheap.
  6. ValuerJim

    Were You A Trainspotter?

    We old spotters are never short of number/letter combinations for use as passwords.
  7. ValuerJim

    Were You A Trainspotter?

    Hi Dave N. I'm proud to declare myself an old trainspotter - Nottingham Vic and Grantham mainly, with the odd trip to Doncaster and York, and one offs to Derby and Tamworth: I could never warm to the LMS locos, with all their bits poking out, and my dad was a driver on the old GCR up to 1964 or so. Like your copping of 60004, the highlight of my spotting was copping A1 St Johnstoun at Edinburgh Waverley in 1961 to complete my A1s. My lasting regret is not taking up dad's invitation to ride the cab from Annesley down to Woodford, although he did let me drive the Dido on one occasion, closely followed by never copping 60011 to complete the A4s. My best Christmas present this year was one to myself - a large quality print of a V2 at the head of the southbound Master Cutler at Weekday Cross, by Rob Rowland (thanks to the recommendation of an earlier poster, whose post I can no longer find). If you've not checked him out, his web site is well worth a visit.
  8. ValuerJim

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    On one occasion recently, a tv quiz contestant was asked what language was spoken in the Faroes. 'I know that one', he replied, 'Egyptian'.
  9. ValuerJim

    Memories of visiting the library

    I was a regular at Basford library, on Vernon Road, in the 1950s. I remember the wooden parquet flooring, and the old men - probably younger than I am now - reading through the national and local papers. Out of the library and back home via the lake in Vernon Park, with a couple of Brambly Hedge books, full of anthropomorphic mice, rabbits and squirrels who lived in hollow trees. I suppose the library no longer exists, or has been turned into a 'cultural centre'?
  10. ValuerJim

    I didn't know that!

    Apparently, a 5 mile stretch of Radcliffe Road was the first tarmac road in the world. The then Notts County Surveyor, Edgar Hooley, perfected the mix and registered Tarmac in 1903. He sold out in 1905 and Tarmac Ltd came into existence.
  11. ValuerJim

    Day Trips

    Wasn't Bendigo's ring somewhere around there?
  12. ValuerJim

    Day Trips

    Others have mentioned Wicksteed Park. As I recall, the name Wicksteed was formed in each of the cast iron steps of the slide on Vernon Park. The daft things we remember!
  13. ValuerJim

    Day Trips

    Went to school with Osborne minor, but buggered if I can remember his name. I do remember the chip shop shack now you've mentioned it, Ben. Better remember the two corner shops on Park Lane, the lower one a beer off. Spent most of my church collection money in them.
  14. ValuerJim

    Day Trips

    Yes, Osbornes was the last but one house on the left, before the bridge, going south. As well as cutting hair, he also sold fishing tackle. You could walk up the side of the house onto the railway embankment alongside the rat hole, then across the main GC line onto the opposite embankment and come out at the top of Arnold Road. It was my regular journey to school. There were large concrete obstructions on either side of the Park Lane Bridge, which we kids believed were to hinder the approach of German tanks!!
  15. ValuerJim

    Day Trips

    It was twitchell for us Bulwellians, although the path alongside the railway between Northern Bridge and Brooklyn Road was known as 'Station Pad'. The 'jitty' Benjamin refers to went over Ha'penny Bridge.