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  1. Any idea of the location of the fishing scenes, with Norman Rossington?
  2. I was a 'young male' c1960, and well remember being in Manning as one of the inter-sixth form society, as an HP pupil. Most uneventful, but I did end up married to an old girl, and still am, 52 years later.
  3. At the last funeral I attended they played Ed Sheeran's Supermarket Flowers. Not a dry eye in the house.
  4. So I would have been 5 or 6 at the time. Probably on my way home from Southwark. Thanks Ben.
  5. On the topic of rail crashes; anyone remember the incident at Basford North, when an engine backed into the bay platform in fog at too great a speed, and pushed a couple of carriages through the stops and down the embankment towards Northern Baths?
  6. If you like Hoffnung, Borge, and Flanders, you should love Tom Lehrer. Try listening to the Vatican Rag. Paddy Roberts is also worth a listen.
  7. It was no swap. The scrapyard gave me £5.00 for my car, and the LP cost me £4 19s 11d. I've still got the LP.
  8. An NSU Prinz, around 1962, bought from a dealer behind the Ice Stadium for £250 provided by grandma as a wedding present in 1968. Took it on honeymoon around Devon and Cornwall, and had it in Manchester until 1970, when I sold it to Race's scrapyard in Northenden. I bought a Melanie LP on the proceeds of sale. Had a good few since, but the most useful, and sadly missed, was a Toyota Previa. The crappiest was a Jaguar XJ6, and the most coveted the Rover 75, of which I had three in succession.
  9. So guess who's Guess Who. It's perfectly straightforward.
  10. A shop has recently opened in our local precinct selling branded clothes, trading under the title of 'Guess Who's'. I reckon it should be 'Guess Whose', but I'm open to suggestions.
  11. I was bought the John Speed historical county jigsaw of Notts for my birthday this year. What a shoddy product, and not cheap.
  12. We old spotters are never short of number/letter combinations for use as passwords.