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  1. I checked that site and was no mention of the gables
  2. Yes that's right the name hasn't changed although it's a new building.I believe the old building burnt down
  3. I recall going to the class room the teacher was an oldish guy and yes it was in an outer building. I really do need to find out more about that place though it's bugging me that I can't remember. Much.
  4. Hi Mary,I'd like to find out more about the dreadful place but I've hit a dead end..I like yourself Mary can't remember much about it.I think we was all drugged up .
  5. Oh yes Stan's chips was the best although he could be a funny sod I recall him slapping my friends face for spilling some salt lol.Imagine if that happens now days he would be arrested.
  6. That's the thing I just can't remember I remember certain names .The only rooms I remember is the kitchen and dining room .I've tried looking the place up on Google but nothing all the other children's homes from the 60s pop up but not the gables I've also looked up children's mental hospitals but nothing.Are you on Facebook so we could chat on messenger some time regards to this.Yes that must have been awful for you being shouted at for having tics,I heard the house got burnt down weather it's true or not I've no idea.
  7. I can't remember nurse Hewlett.The one I remember was nurse Kelly she was very strict as I recall.The reason they sent me there was because I had agrophobia and still suffer from it now.My theory is that we was used as guinea pigs as I do know that back then in the 60s that kind of thing did happen.
  8. Alan that sure was abuse.I have got a lot of memory loss regarding the gables but I presume it was caused by all the tablets they was giving me.Was either you and Nick allowed home at weekends?
  9. Hi Diane, I was there in 1967 and I think I remember you.  Did you have blonde hair? Yes, there was definitely something odd about the place but I'm not sure what it was. I do remember that we all queued up to receive our medication so maybe we were all in a bit of a Zombie state. I think we were all some sort of experiment on how to treat people with "difficulties". Still, it did me no harm. Do you remember a day when we were in the garage (with Nurse Kelly) when we were ordered to turn over the mushroom compost they had put in their, in order to grow (mushrooms?). How strange was that?

    1. Diane


      Hi Cullen,yes I did have blonde hair so I bet it was me what's your name I'm presuming Cullen is your sir name forgive me if I'm wrong lol.I remember also queuing for tablets.No I can't remember being in the garage that's my problem I got so many blank memories of being in there.I do remember a nice nurse although can't remember her name but she always reminded me of Lulu.The strange thing is I've tried googling but it's as if the place never existed .I'm wondering if your right and we was used for experiments.Nurse Kelly I can still visualise her use to give me the creeps and her hands for some reason I remember her hands looking rough.Thinking about it you mentioned mushrooms well I hate them and don't even like the look of them maybe there's a reason.

    2. Diane


      Just searched Google and apparently in the 60s they use to use magic mushrooms in experiments as a form of brain washing to treat patients with depression and anxiety it was illegal though.Makes one wonder.

    3. Nick1


      Am sure they did not use magic mushrooms more like diezapam in small doses.

  10. Hi it was my daughter Emma that started this thread a few years ago.I was in the gables in 1967.I also remember nurse Kelly and also a ginger haired boy named Nick.My problem is I can not remember to much about being there,Can't remember the bed rooms can only just remember the kitchen and dining room.Im wondering if you was there the same time as me.I feel there was something very dodgy about the place.
  11. I also was in the gables think it was 1967 I have been trying to find out more about the place for a few years would love to chat with you about it debs
  12. Hi my daughter Emma made the enquiry on my behalf 4 years ago . Alan b thank you for responding you have been a help .I was 14 when I was in there in 1967 have a lot of missing gaps and I believe it's possibly because I was so drugged up . The only nurse I remember was a nurse Kelly she was irish I found her terrifying but can't remember why . It's very odd though because it's like the place never existed as I've tried looking it up on the Internet and nothing comes up about it at all.