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  1. Just read that one should refrain from drinking alcohol for 2 days prior and 2 weeks after the Covid vax.  Well that’s me shot then ...... they should have told me a month ago before my trip to the Forest! 

  2. Are you brave enough for the jab Jill?
    A friend of mine has had the Swiftqueue link open permanently on her computer for several days in anticipation and the age range changed to 60+ at 9am this morning.  She’s off to the Forest at 6.20 this evening.   

  3. We’ve just had a holiday to USA cancelled, should have gone on 11th May, which sounded very feasible when we booked it in November.  Feeling really fed up with this Covid lark now, the last holiday we had booked was to take us to Miami on 17th March last year, the day all flights to USA were stopped.  It’s not meant to be .......  We can’t even go to our place in Sandbanks for at least another couple of months.  

  4. 14 hours ago, radfordred said:

    Anyone remember seeing the early Covid footage of people falling over & dying in the streets of China?

    That was in the days when we thought it would never get over here, who’d have thought? 

  5. I’m beginning to realise that my memory is failing me.  I used to frequent The Flying Horse regularly, always the pub to go to before moving on to a club, Hippo, Babel, 99.  Met my husband in there in 1972 too, it was his lucky day. 
    I remember one of the bars was ‘Goose Fair Bar’, at least I think it was ..... like I say, my memories are a bit fogged!  That may be what Mary is thinking of when she mentions the fairground horses?   

  6. Was reading about the dog-napping of Lady Gaga’s 3 French Bulldogs in Hollywood and the $500,000 reward she’s offered for the safe return.  What was interesting is that French Bulldogs originated in the UK and were very popular amongst lace makers in NOTTINGHAM.  

  7. My sons are christened Nicholas and Andrew, we felt they were good strong names that were acceptable shortened to Nick and Andy.  Andy has been known as ‘Dodge’ to his mates since he was about 10 years old and I’m told (and hope) that came about from his  school rugby abilities ...... 

  8. Well Carni, with these jeans he’s ordered at least the sewn on leather label at the back reads the same as previous pairs he’s had so they should fit him.  Must admit that most items I’ve ordered on line have had to go back though.  

  9. We prefer to touch, feel and try on in a shop anything that’s intended to be worn and I’m surprised my husband got me googling Levi’s. He hasn’t bothered to try them on yet either.  I did a little research and they were the same price in John Lewis so on this occasion it worked and they arrived the day after ordering even though I don’t pay for Prime.   I just hope that my favourite shops will still be around when this virus buggers off.  

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