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  1. Nottinghamshire's Railway Ghosts by John R. Smalley. An A5-size booklet published by J. H. Hall & Sons in their Heritage Series in 1994. A collection of accounts of alleged 'strange happenings' in the county. Mostly fairly brief, they include such as 'The Phantom of Mapperley Tunnel', 'Mysterious Plumtree', 'The Most Haunted Station in Nottinghamshire' (Rolleston) and 'The Phantom of Arkwright Street Bridge' amongst many others. Considering the title of the book it seems odd to include an account (factual) of the Grantham rail crash of 1906, and two alle
  2. Bulwell and Basford on old picture postcards by Grenville Jennings. No. 22 in the series 'Yesterday's Nottinghamshire'. Published in 1993, but I imagine it should be readily obtainable - I think most in this series of A5-size booklets (this one is 36 pages) still are. About two thirds of the photos are of Bulwell scenes. Back cover:
  3. Certainly was a lot of propaganda, most of it supplied by one person in particular.
  4. The Leen Valley at Work 1785-1985 by Martin R. Weiss. Published by Wharncliffe Publishing in 1996. An A5-size paperback Chapters are: The Leen Valley Mills Rails in the Leen Valley Coal Rolls Royce Ltd I don't know if this is still obtainable. I came across it on Ebay about ten years ago and hadn't known of its existence until then. Back cover:
  5. A book of photographs from the middle of 'my era'. Published by The History Press in 2009 and reprinted 2010. Back cover:
  6. Back to Douglas Whitworth with this book, first published by Alan Sutton in 1991 and reprinted in 1993. Back cover:
  7. Geoffrey Oldfield again, and 'Nottingham Yesterday & Today' in the Britain in Old Photographs series. Published by Alan Sutton Publishing in 1995. Again, probably still obtainable. Mainly it's a comparison of past and present photographs of the same location, the sort of book I like. Back cover:
  8. The Changing Face of Nottingham in Old Photographs compiled by Geoffrey Oldfield. Published by Alan Sutton Publishing in 1994, reprinted 1995. Don't know if this is still in print, but should still be obtainable. Back cover:
  9. And Volume ll, published by Tempus Publishing in 2003. Back cover:
  10. Then & Now: Nottingham, compiled by Douglas Whitworth Published by Tempus Publishing in 2000, but I should think it's still easily obtainable. Back cover:
  11. Nottingham - A Century of Change, in the Images of England series, by Douglas Whitworth. Published by The History Press in 2010, first edition was published in 1997. I should think this is still readily available. Back cover:
  12. Nottingham Past & Present in the 'Britain in Old Photographs' series, by Geoffrey OIdfield. First published in 1999 by Sutton Publishing Ltd. I imagine this would still be easily obtainable one way or the other. Back cover:
  13. Yes, I think I put it on somewhere else in connection with another discussion (it won't be there now thanks to Photobucket!). According to the book, the capacity of the Empire when opened was 2,500 - I assume this included standing, as it states the capacity had been reduced to 1,763 by 1946 (I'm guessing this was due to a reduction in standing). When the interior of the Theatre Royal was remodelled in 1897 the capacity was increase from 2,200 to the aforementioned 3,000 (probably the former as well as the latter included standing). The actual seating in 1897 was 1,997.
  14. To repeat: author of the 'Doctor in the House', etc, books.
  15. The Theatre Royal Nottingham 1865-1978 - a theatrical and architectural history, edited by Robin Beynon. The book comprises a look at the first two hundred years of theatre in Nottingham, a history of the Theatre Royal, with details of its first rebuilding in 1897 which saw an almost complete remodelling of the interior, and the story of the rebuilding in 1977. Includes lots of photos, some in colour, from after the latter rebuilding, plus a few of what it looked like before, including the interior (sadly not in colour). E.g.the 'Gods': Also includes
  16. Volume Seven, published in 1972, and the only one I bought new. I never bothered with the others in the series - I think I used to look at some of them in the library (Sherwood) - but I might now start looking for one or two on Ebay. This one not only covers the Theatre Royal but also the Theatre on St Mary's Gate which finally closed in 1883. Back cover:
  17. Volume Two of the Victorian Nottingham series. First published in 1971 and reprinted 1977. Some of the content was duplicated in the Old Nottingham Transport series. A book that I was given as the previous owner no longer wanted it. Back cover
  18. 1950s music to me was Bill Haley and Tommy Steele and Six-Five Special on TV.
  19. I've only tried the sort made of corned beef.
  20. Decision next year:
  21. Nottingham From the Air by Ian Bracegirdle & Dave Bracegirdle. Published by Breedon Books in 2008. 180 pages in colour of aerial photos of Nottingham. This may still be readily available. I got my copy of it fairly recently from Ebay. Back cover:
  22. Bus Operators 1970 - Midland and Wales by Gavin Booth. The East Midlands section of this book includes eight or nine pages of photos taken in Nottingham and Notts, including NCT, Barton, Trent, Midland General, Mansfield District, East Midland, South Notts and Gash, the majority of them in wonderful colour. It's worth having for this. Published by Ian Allan in 2006, I got my copy at a sale price in a bookshop in Cardiff so I'm not sure if it's still in print. Back cover shows vehicles belonging to Rhondda Transport and West Midlands PTE (ex-Birm