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  1. linnels potted dog in a vitreous steel dish with melted butter on top ,and pearces ice cream
  2. a cup of tea 4d in one of those BR heavy duty cups ,and off to Grantham trainspotting aged about 11 years without a care in the world!
  3. subaru impreza,s with reversed baseball hat spotty faced bad language lout drivers
  4. you still see a few but they have become a bit more upmarket, there are still plenty of vintage outfits but they don,t get aired very often
  5. ComeOn Colins wife on the Warners Hotel ad aaagh!
  6. #19 a good old family christmas in fact
  7. #10 thats my post differently phrased
  8. #206 A bit further down from the Crown nearly opposite Kevas used to sell bikes and cars