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  1. It's called "noodling" these days YouTube is my best mate, everything you could want to learn to play is on there. I used to spend a fortune on sheet music (no tabs) back in the day, not need for that now. I've just finished learning 'Can't get enough' by Bad Company and brushed up on 'In to the void' by Black Sabbath.
  2. I remember saying exactly the same thing when he smashed Garry Parker and Gary Charles in 1991. All the press were interested in was Gascoines injury and him having to be carried off on a stretcher and will Lazio sign him. The fact that he almost finished the careers of the two young Gary's was hardly mentioned. Never mind the stretcher he would have been carried off in a coffin if it were left to me. What an animal! I have no liking for the guy at all, I think he's an idiot. For this quote alone he should never have played again!! Presumably that's an under statement?
  3. I was watching some "Forest Executive Crew" videos on t'tube last night ahead of our meeting with the scummy rams tonight and one guys accent on the video nearly cut me in two. I've lived away from Nottingham for yonks but can still recognise a Nottingham drawl for a mile and a quarter, it is unique and must be encouraged. These days I speak Wenglish which confuses the bejeezus out of a lot of people Wasn't Selby was it?
  4. That would depend on what you want. I tend to buy mine via the t'interweb from trusted dealers of new and second hand guitars and equipment. Anything specific?
  5. Guaranteed it's something someone asked for as an extension at IPB and they've kept it. I don't see the point of it personally and it has to be a useless piece code and DB usage.
  6. Thanks Chulla and TBI - I appreciate your help. I see the guitar in the first link only went for $500.00, I would have expected at least $3000.00 and would have hoped for $10 or $12.000. I love my Marshall 8080 valve amp, I set the gain on channel 1 to about 6 and get a beautiful clean singy sound. Channel 2 is set to maximum smoke and I control the 'sound' with the volume control on the guitar. Volume has a lot to do with it as well, some places I play it feels like the roof is coming off others I feel I could do with another couple of KW. I just got rid of an Orange stack to a neighbour, I don't think his missus was best pleased, it cost him £300 and he keeps waking the kids
  7. Thank you, you're a gent. Is this the same folks you were talking about Chulla?
  8. I've asked the question on Twitter about Richards/Ricardo lutier of this parish.
  9. I'd be very interested as I do quite a lot of buying and selling of guitars and have come across a few rarities. One I paid £80 for and sold almost immediately to a chap in the US (where the guitar came from in the first place) for twenty times that. Obviously, you have to know what you're looking for. Never having seen a Ricardo I could probably pass it off as a piece of tat.
  10. If you have a signature you have a cross, you don't 'cos you haven't got a signature. Click one and see what happens, you won't kill anything. Por exemplo:
  11. Having to wait another ten months to retire annoys the bejeezus out of me
  12. The Chrome laptop uses the 'Chrome OS' strangely enough. I would expect it to follow normal cut/copy/paste rules as a Windows PC does if it doesn't you may need to speak to someone who knows the OS. Personally I very rarely use the drop down box for cut/copy/paste either on the interweb or on the PC, I use keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL X (cut) CTRL A (mark all) CTRL C (copy) and CTRL V (paste) etc. The Chrome on my work PC does give you a drop down box if you right click. Can you try another browser such as Firefox?
  13. What are the issues with posting images/YouTube? Basically you have a choice, you can attach images from your PC with size restrictions by uploading or you can have them remotely hosted from sites like Photobucket and Imgur etc. The remotely hosted ones are click (should copy to cache when clicked but doesn't always work, if not it's click and (copy) CTRL C) Then paste the resulting URL in to your post (CTRL V) You can use the preview button to see if your image is in the post. For copying any URL be it YouTube or something else you have to click the URL (or mark it so it looks hi-lighted) then paste the resulting YouTube URL in to the post and it will work without any further action. The following YouTube was posted by pasting the YouTube URL in to the post, no further action taken: What operating system does the Chrome laptop use, I'm not familiar with it?
  14. Yep, I knew him, not personally mind you. When I started at the ROF some of the more street wise kids explained he was best avoided and definitely shouldn't be touched. There was another one used to make a nuisance of himself around town called John the w****r but that's another story.
  15. They're bringing in a by-law in Cardiff very soon banning people from feeding the birds especially the flying rats. There will also be a campaign to make sure folks wrap unused food properly so that birds can't get at it when you throw it out.
  16. I used to travel a lot and visit as many different Yate's around the country. Out of all of them Nottinghams' was the best with Leeds a close second. They did rotate the musicians occasionally and an old music teacher of mine (a blind guy with a dog) played the piano there, he knew I was there as well!!
  17. This PRS SC245 will be my next and last purchase (if you can believe that) I have a couple to sell first though.
  18. I've had some good and bad fortune in my life but one huge piece of fortune was that I was out of the UK from 1972 to 1980 so missed most of it. As a mod I came back to the UK and couldn't believe what I was seeing, I still reckon had the mod thing still been going we would have run 'em out of town!
  19. I've tried Ancestry a few times both subscribed and free trial and it never got any further than the information I put in myself. I think the whole shemozzle is too expensive and doesn't work for everyone. [Tad off topic] The '%' signs in the URL are added by your web browser in the place of a space because whoever or whatever created the link has put spaces in the link name, the internet/web servers can't handle spaces. A simple rule is "no spaces in URL names".
  20. I'd be up for that, I hate my car and driving - if I didn't have to go to work I would definitely be car less.
  21. I have a Marshall 8080 and a Line6 modelling amp. For my personal practice I use an Orange Micro Terror, the best £150 I ever spent using speaker or headphones.
  22. I believe the Black Hand Gang started with The Clitheroe Kid back in the 50's? Obviously not La Mano Nera