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  1. Anne Beverley, Sid Vicious's mum came from Derbyshire.
  2. If you like cricket try Duncan Hamilton's cricket books. He's an excellent writer.
  3. Well done indeed. It's great to have 3 Notts teams in the Football League next season. It would be great to see Notts derbys in the future.
  4. Fantastic pictures. I don't think it will freeze over again because the river flows much quicker know.
  5. Did you draw this Michael Booth ? If so well done. It's a beautiful drawing.
  6. I guess the attraction of conspiracy theory's, the thrill of perceiving yourself as an "outsider" then only one who knows the "truth" will always out way the actual boring evidence & facts. It's rather like anecdotal story's will always outweigh all the mountains of hard scientific evidence when it comes to the garbage that is Homeopathy.
  7. The thing I most remember about Warrows was the evil cider. Ugh ! Still it was very popular. I remember people taking huge plastic containers full yo the first Monsters of Rock festival at Donnington.
  8. Don't remember Simon. Glad to hear Mickey's still out & about.
  9. I think your right. I think I'm thinking of a Rangers fanzine.
  10. " She has no mental illness" really ? Are you sure ? Proof ? What proof ? Scientific evidence ? None, credible witnesses ? None. And again I ask the question why ? Why have the police, the fire fighters, any of the emergency services, the press, not one of the bereaved family's asked for a new inquire. Not one. Not one of those who lost loved ones asked for a new enquire. Not one. Please address this question. Why those who were most affected, those who lost friends, loved ones, colleagues would all lie. Lie on a repeated basis. What would they gain. It makes no sense. Again I say, please ad
  11. I've come across Susan Lindauer before. She comes across as a very sad individual, desperate for attention & with no hard evidence at all just half truths, anecdotes & rumours.
  12. From her Wikipedia page Susan Lindauer (born 17 July 1963) is an American journalist and antiwar activist. In 2003 she was accused of conspiring to act as an unregistered lobbyist for the Iraqi Intelligence Service and engaging in prohibited financial transactions with the government of Iraq under Saddam Hussein.[1][2][3] Lindauer was found mentally unfit to stand trial in two separate hearings. During her incarceration she won the right to refuse forced antipsychotic medication which the United States Department of Justice claimed would render her competent to stand trial.[4][5] She was rel
  13. I remember this young lady. I remember her high pitched cry "Evening POST !" & her great art work. I seem to remember having something of the Kate Bush about her.
  14. I used to go to all the rock clubs/ discos. I went to the Imperial every Wednesday for several years. The DJ was a blond guy, Pete I think was his name. Used to see him at Forest matches occasionally. Metal Micky used to do the boat club. I remember seeing bands like Def Leppard, Motörhead & Saxon there. The Yorker was another venue. I think Pete from the Imperial DJ'd their as well. Also used to go to the Palais. My main memory from rock discos was the women. They were mostly stunning, well endowed & a great deal hornier than non-rock women. Happy times.