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  1. ratallgood1

    Bosseyed Kippers

    have let the UK and now live in Valencia
  2. ratallgood1

    Bosseyed Kippers

    she is online in facebook
  3. ratallgood1

    Bosseyed Kippers

    yes she lives over in Derby now
  4. ratallgood1

    Don't Be So Bleddy Mardy!

    well after spending the first 71 years of my life in Mansfield,I decided enough was enough,its a shithole,so we up and moved to Oliva in spain,a lovely place full of friendly peoplle
  5. ratallgood1

    RAOB The Buffs.

    it was at Calvverton when I last attended back in 1963
  6. ratallgood1


    we moved to live in spain a couple of months back,any other Nottingham ex pats please get in touch
  7. ratallgood1

    Nottingham Bands in the 60s

    I remember the beatmen,or the fabulous beatmen as they were announced,from Arnold I believe
  8. ratallgood1

    Nottingham Bands in the 60s

    they used to play at the cherry tree too,a fantastic band
  9. ratallgood1

    Bosseyed Kippers

    I have 4 sisters the eldest one is Eileen who now lives in Derby aged 72,we have moved over to spain now for some much needed sun
  10. ratallgood1

    Bosseyed Kippers

    we left in 1952