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  1. Fairfield Street, Radford

    Get a copy of your dad's birth certificate. Fortunately there was only one Ernest Spencer born in Nottingham in the December quarter 1906. You should be able to find your dad in the 1911 census to give his parents and maybe some siblings. Look either side of his family house in the census because relatives often lived nearby. The 1939 census, although all details are not yet released, could be of help. Voter's lists might be held at the Records Office. Possibly the baptism registers of the nearest church might be of help. There wasn't a census in 1941 because of the war. Join the Nottingham Family History Society. I hope that lot is of help.
  2. I live in Thailand and I make sure I have a big English breakfast every Sunday. Fortunately there's a man who makes lovely Lincolnshire sausages nearby but ordinary mushrooms are not so common so I sometimes have to use straw mushrooms.
  3. A few random photos - 6

    I was an in patient there in Princess Mary Ward in the middle of 1958. Sister Scott, Staff Nurse Lovell. Why I remember them from nearly 60 years ago I have no idea.
  4. Ants

    If you mix borax with sugar and a little water it soon goes hard. But I like the idea of borax and peanut butter, I'll try that out. We have lots of different types of ants here in Thailand, but fortunately the large red ones prefer to live outside.
  5. Derek Pavis

    And then booked you for drink driving?
  6. Actor Adam West R.I.P.

    He was also in an episode of "The Big Bang Theory" as himself.
  7. Fairham Comp

    Brew, (post # 101) could your Mr. Bradshaw be Mr. Bradstock? If so he was my tutor in Fa when there was only Fa, Fb, Fc, Fd. Everybody remembers Dr. Chapman. If only for his slipper! Mick Burns was far nicer than he looked, but I agree that was his nickname. Sid Bolton I loathed. I'd be banned if I said what I felt about him. Only he and that swine Fred Riddell do I remember with hatred. I didn't like PE. Mr. Wallace we called Pigeon Wallace because he was always adjusting his collar bobbing his head like a pigeon. He took us for handwriting. The only metalwork teacher I remember was Mr. Mander. Chemistry was Mr. Bates, biology Mr. Brooks, maths Mr. Mulaney, english Mr Allen, geography Mr. Baron, history Mr. Merritt. These are memories from 50 years ago. But I can't remember what I did last week.
  8. The Lions

    Dear Freckles, have a look at a program called "Dashlane" which manages all your passwords.
  9. Pronouncing place names

    It's a bit far for overspill from Nottingham. Newark means a new fortification.
  10. Pronouncing place names

    My dad, born 1919, died 2012, always pronounced it that way.
  11. Wollaton Hall Museum

    If you are wondering who took the photo if there was only myself and my wife on the tour, it was a female member of staff who was in the ballroom.
  12. Ack Ack at Clifton

    I played there as a lad. I moved from Radford to Langstrath Road (top of Green Lane) in Nov. '58 so it would be after that. My mum was a cook at the college when it opened.
  13. Wollaton Hall Museum

    Just before I left Nottingham and came to live in Thailand in October 2001, I showed my wife around Nottingham including Wollaton Hall. There was back then a guided tour available, which we took. There was only the guide and my wife and I on the tour so he took us everywhere including not only the tunnels under the front of the hall, but up into the large ballroom on the second floor and then out onto the roof. Wonderful views from up there.
  14. hi, bob was mostly into pole vault, l his brother was mostly into cross country and athletics/ gymnastics..

  15. Nottingham Bands in the 60s

    Radfordlad, Thanks very much for that. It shows I'm not completely ga-ga just yet! I remember the original Searchers very well. I liked them until I discovered the original US groups they copied from, eg The Coasters and Jackie De Shannon. I'm another radfordlad, born down by The Plough Inn on St. Peters St.