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  1. Jill, whilest I agree with you that it's nice to look at the original source documents when tracing your family tree, living in Thailand makes it difficult to nip down to the Nottingham records office!
  2. There was a Wheeldon family lived near me just off St. Peters St. in Old Radford upto 1958 when both our families moved to Clifton. David, Alan and Barbara were the children, father I can picture but can't remember his name, mother was Doreen.
  3. Two shops I recall very near the canal, one was a furrier and near to that for a time was a Royal Navy recruitment office.
  4. It's from the Latin, sinister, meaning left. Latin dexter means 'right', hence dextrous. Sinister and dexter are still used in heraldry.
  5. If you really want to know racism try being a non-asian living in an asian country. the Chinese call us 'white ghosts', the Japanese, if being polite, call us 'foreign person' and if not being polite call us 'iteki' or 'barbarian'. In Thailand I cannot own land or work in a large number of professions which are reserved for Thais. The price for a foreigner to go in a national park is 300 baht (about GBP 6.80p) for a Thai it's 30 baht. As a foreigner I could not adopt my wife's daughters when we married and as a foreigner I have to report to the immigration department every 90
  6. Dr (Bill) Chapman was a wonderful teacher. He once told me I spoke French like a Spanish cow! He was probably right. He had a good singing voice and sang as the Pirate King in the school production of The Pirates of Penzance. I last saw Doc Chapman at the City Ground years later. One of the teachers I remeber fondly.
  7. Many years after I left Fairham (Fleming House also, Graham Hind as Housemaster, a wonderful man) I was on a train to London and Fred Riddell was there and his voice took me back to that frightened schoolboy of about a decade before. I so wanted to go and tell him and his political friends he was with what a swine he was, but I desisted. 50 years later I'm still in two minds whether or not I should have.
  8. I hate the word "awesome" which appears to be the only adjective Americans know. They are also too fond of the word "absolutely" instead of just saying "yes".
  9. There was one at Clifton, roughly opposite Clifton Library. I lived in a flat over Fords early 1970s.
  10. Beekay, the easiest way to start your tree is to go and talk to your oldest living relative and ask them what they know. Otherwise they sometimes inconsiderately go and die and then all that knowledge they had is gone forever. Get your own birth certificate. That will tell you your parent's names and mum's maiden name. Find their wedding certificate for their parents' names. That's a good start.
  11. My father was in the Royal Navy from 1938 until 1952. He served on a number of ships including the battleship HMS King George V, and HMS Glasgow when they rescued the King of Norway and the Norwegian gold reserves ahead of the German army. But most of his war service he was on convoy escort duty across the Atlantic on HMS Gentian, a flower class corvette. On one trip he kept a diary from when they left Liverpool to arriving in Nova Scotia. I found it in his effects when he died 7 years ago and I typed it up and offered it to the Imperial War Museum. They were very pleased to
  12. And despite his forbidding appearance he was a nice bloke.
  13. Albert, I think you are so wrong about Mr. Mullaney. He was one of the kindest teachers I knew there. I once told him I didn't understand the point he was making in maths and he got the lad next to me to stand up and Mr. Mullaney sat down at the side of me and worked it through with me until I understood. Few teachers would do that. He was as bald then as I am now 60 years later, and one Christmas our class bought him a joke giant comb and a dispenser of brilliantine. You wouldn't do that for a bad teacher. And he took it in good stead. Now Fred Ri
  14. My dad was a jobbing builder and he always maintained that when they were filming this on Meadow Lane he was roped in as an extra in a crowd scene. But I've never been able to spot him.