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  1. I'm glad someone else remembers Miss Parsons she used to inspect your hands before cookery she was an ogre.I was at the girl's school but can't remember Players boys.
  2. I remember school dinners yes I loved them even though my mam was a good cook.I attended Players secondary school and the puddings especially caramel tart and treacle tart YUMMY.
  3. Does anyone remember a cookery teacher at Players secondary in the early 1960s her name was Miss Parsons, she used to be so strict frightened the life out of me.But she taught me how to cook,I can still remember her dark permed hair glasses sitting at lunchtime eating her sandwiches with a knife and fork.!!
  4. I remember school dinners yes I loved them even though my mam was a good cook.I attended Players secondary school and the puddings especially caramel tart and treacle tart YUMMY. Just reminded about the custards sometimes chocolate or pink, yum.
  5. Summer


    Benjamin 1945 I have to ask is that you in the picture.... looks like George Clooney to me .Lol
  6. Summer


    Thanks Lizzie M.Yea it is lovely here we have gorgeous sunshine today only thing missing is a ice cold glass of wine...... I think that can be arranged.I know of the councillor Anna. Where were you brought up in Nottingham?
  7. Summer


    I am in Brixham Benjamin 1945, we love it here friendly place,nice restaurants and just around tbe corner from a lovely sea view,we are so lucky.
  8. Summer


    Only been in Devon a few months so no I dont say ooar I dont really have an accent.I lost my Nottingham accent years ago and never really picked up the Coventry one thank goodness.
  9. Summer


    Ah Locarno dancing round your handbags good times eh.I met my husband there he and his mate heard there were lots of girls in Nottingham and pretty of course he was right !!.They came from Coventry so one dance led to another....I moved to Coventry when we married and the rest is history we now live in beautiful Devon.We have been bac k to Nottingham once or twice but never the same.
  10. When we saw an ambulance we would say Touch your collar touch your nose hope we dont go in one of those,still stay it now but quietly.Still cant walk under a ladder or cross someone on the stairs without pretending to spit. Does anyone remember Colwick cheese it was delicious.I think they sold it in the old market and what about real mushy peas not the tinned type.One more item,someone mentioned Liquafruta for coughs it tasted like weedkiller smells vile stuff.One more horlicks in tablet form.
  11. Summer


    Hello again just to reply to someone's questions, I lived on Lindfield Rd The better part as my mam used to say Lol .I saw the article on Drewry and Edwards and it brought back memories I was an overlocker there and I remember the supervisor cant recall her name We used to call her Dobbin she used to terrify us and we had a young handsome mechanic who all the girls fancied.Some lunchtimes a group of us would go down the Locarno fabulous.In the early sixties you could walk out of one job and straight into another ah happy days.
  12. Summer


    Heinz tomato soup and chips and make a sandwich of that yummy.
  13. Summer


    Hi everyone just joined the forum.I lived in Nottingham untill 1966, I was born in the Meadows and moved with mum,dad and my sister to Broxtowe in the late 50s.My dad Fred used to fre q uent the Cocked Hat.I went to London Rd infants and Primary school and then Players secondary modern. I worked as a sewing machinest at various places one was Drury and Edwards can anyone recall this place.