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  1. Hi everyone, I've been doing some more digging with my family history. They say that everyone has a black sheep in the family and I think I have found mine! My late Uncle, John Mills set fire to Hopkinsons Furniture Shop on St.Anns Well Road in 1949. Does anyone have any more information for me please? The Mills family lived around St. Anns for quite a while and my late Grandfather had a Greengrocers/Butchers shop. He would sell rabbits that he bred down the allotments. I've read through a lot of the information on the Forum and it is fascinating!
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    Thank you so much for replying Yes, my family were large and I did have an Uncle John. He was born in 1932 and was quite a rogue . I was told by my Dad (before he died in 1989) that Uncle John was involved with an arson, possibly at Hopewells,? My Dad was the baby of the family by quite a number of years and was born where my Grandad had a green grocers/ fish mongers at 214 St Anns Well Road. Any information would be great!
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    Hello everyone, I'm Nicola and have lived in Nottingham all my life. I have loved looking through the posts! My maiden name was Mills, and unfortunately I have no one left alive on my Dad's side of the family to ask about family history and their stories etc. My Grandma was called Evelyn Handley and she was born in St.Anns. She married Joseph Mills is 1932. My Grandad had a greengrocer's shop on St. Ann's Well Road before moving to West Bridgford in the late 1950s. They had several children - John, Michael, Robert, Margaret, Dennis, and my Dad William (Bill). There are a couple of rogues amongst them! If anybody remembers them I would love to hear from you!