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  1. Talking of St. Peters, This is me with my late brother on his wedding day, 1959 or 60 I think. He was finally cremated last Monday, after a three month delay.
  2. I'm pretty sure the song is called " Dreamin' ", sung by Johnny Tillotson
  3. Thank you for your vote of confidence Lizzie.
  4. I didn't alter it , Fly, I just improved it. I WOULD NEVER ALTER ANYBODY'S PICTURE WITHOUT THEIR EXPRESS PERMISSION OR REQUEST. I have updated loads of old pix , family photos etc. at the request of owners. Usually very old photos that are worn, ripped, faded etc. I did ask if Lizzie minded and said I will remove from my tablet. I don't doctor pix.
  5. I used to have black conductor for while, he called me " snowflake", I wasn't offended.
  6. You can buy all over nowadays Rog. Just can't refer to em by their original names.. B.
  7. Hope you didn't mind me working on your PIC. Cropped it, sharpened and enhanced it, then put a vignette on. I will remove it from my tablet if you wish. B.
  8. Which one is you Lizzie ?[ url=][/url]
  9. Back in the late sixties when I was on bulk coal deliveries, we used to do a run from Sutton pit to Ketton cement nr.Stamford. One route used to take us through Newark on the Balderton road to pick up the A1 south. About 15 years ago I was bringing my ma in law back to Nottingham from Norfolk and I suggested we came back through Newark and Southwell. Got to Newark and onto a bypass and hadn't got a bloody clue where I was. Got totally lost, had to retrace my steps until I recognised an area then managed to cross the Trent at the castle and eventually got ma home. Couldn't believe the changes i
  10. Went to Newark once, it were closed.
  11. What's washing ????
  12. Thought that Phil, but didn't like to say owt, or be too presumptuous. You know how it is !
  13. Hero worship for VICTOR MELDREW
  14. Trouble is, a smartarse witty response is wasted on the dim witted. If you've gotta explain it, then you've lost one of your best bits of sarcasm.
  15. Maybe we should start a club Compo. With Fly2 that would three of us. Down here with these Southern Jessie's I'm sometimes considered rude ! They don't understand the concept of witty sarcasm.
  16. Si Senora, multi buono ! Gratzi
  17. Yes Lizzie, I did say Tina. But it's not that one ! My missus used to sing in a choir when we lived in Bulwell but not since being in Sussex. I do still get warbles emanating from the bathroom, or I have to make do with, " You need your hair cut ". Wouldn't change though.
  18. All this natter and not one word about pasta or garlic bread. Pass me a slice o pizza Tina !
  19. Why are you not surprised ?
  20. He were bloody bigger than me !
  21. Fly, unfortunately I was never asked to play for the Malt shovel or write any scores for em'. B.
  22. One kid in our class, when I was about 14, decided to use his italics pen as a dart and threw it at me. It stuck in my leg just above my knee. I've still got my first tattoo from 61 years ago ! Hated writing ever since.
  23. Come on then Margie, spill the beans. Which is your bestest handwriting ?? I got it right then
  24. Are you still doing time for forgery Margie ??? PS. I reckon it's no.3.