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  1. "SWINGER" pub now gone RIP mary 1947
  2. I think I am going crazy ? yes talking to myself. brewing tea and putting it into the fridge, the worst thing though , have 3 grandson's fetched them all a Christmas Card put in each £50 and put them away. The trouble is now I ca't remember where i have put them, I hope when i go to the funny farm some of nottstalgia members will come and see me. Just a thought we could have meet-ups there? mary1947
  3. Oztalgian I see you said something about The Pelican Can any of you remeber Peter Woodward I think he used to manage the football team there. Pete you would know as he had a accident and used to be in a wheelchair. mary1947
  4. WORST NAME FOR PUBS? "YATES" now called "SLUG N' LETTUCE" who ever thought to call Yates that. mary 1947
  5. I'm a big fan of Irish Folk ok some one's got to be. I have just had an invite to The Kilkennys on line Christmas Concert on Line its on tonight at 7 30 but the cost is 12 50 euros.I have seen The Kilkennys many a time and its, well worth the money. At the moment my name is Ida but its really mary1947