Lovers Walk - Trent Bridge ?

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I'd have thought so....

The Nottingham side east of the bridge, opposite Forest, was built up with boatyards and riverside businesses.

The tall industrial chimney seems more relevant to north of the river than to the south.

Two men promenading on Lovers Walk.......I'm saying nowt......


Robt P.

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Yeah i was having a look at that pic last night it definately looks like that to me,walked down there many many times as a young girl when i lived in the meadows.

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My favourite walk was from Spenii to A'peny Bridge. About half way along the narrow bit was the Railway Club.

After dinner of a Sunday, the whole family would walk down Queens Drive, along the Embankment, passed the memo' gardens, over Spenii to the Club. These are some of my fondest memories.

Hugs Alison

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Which side of trent bridge was this?

West Bridgeford?

Actually until the early 50s this part of West Bridgford all the way to and including Forest's ground and a detached bit towards Adbolton was actually within the city limits.

Funnily enough the bit of the Meadows' side of the Embankment by the suspension bridge wasn't technically part of Nottingham.

And to be even more pedantic it's West Bridgford but East Bridgeford.

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I can't quote chapter and verse right now but East Bridgeford (with the e) was/is the proper version while in recent times people have tended to drop the "e" simply because WB doesn't have one in its correct form. Changes in spelling over the course of time are nothing new.

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