Looking for Date of Death of Uncle

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I wonder if anyone can help with this one?

I'm in the process of organising a headstone for the family grave at Wilford Hill. My Dad was buried there in April this year and also in the grave are his father and 2 brothers. There has never been a headstone on the grave so I'm getting one made. I have death certificates of all except a brother who died in 1937 aged 8 years. I do have the date of interment as 10th July 1937 and could make a guess at date of death but as this will be set in stone, literally, I'd like to get it absolutely right. His name was BRYAN MOSS, date of birth 7th June 1929. At time of his death the family lived at 49 Toston Drive, Wollaton Park.

Appreciate any help with this.

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Lizzie, hope I'm not stating the obvious, but have you applied for a copy of his death certificate? That will tell you.

At a cost of £9.25 from here http://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/ You know enough information to be able to fill in the appropriate bits. I've had certificates from GRO and it's no problem.

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Yes I know I should do that but I already have the wheels in motion with the memorial stonemasons. I stupidly didn't realise that the info I gave them was date of interment and not date of death. It was only when they sent me the 'proof' that I double-checked everything. If no one on here can help then I'll attempt to get the death certificate. Problem is that I want the stone in place by my Dad's birthday, on Boxing Day.

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There's this, in the British Library newspapers - his death looks to be on the 8th but best to look at the whole article to be sure. I haven't got a sub but I think perhaps David on here has - he's quoted from it a number of times

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Births, Marriages, Deaths, Acknowledgments ot pathy, and In Memoriam Notices, if .. ... 230. MOSS.—July Bth, Bryan, aged 8. dearly loved child of Donald and Nancie, 49 Toston-drive, Wollaton Park. PACKER.— Annie, 21 Marlborough-road. Woodthorpe, ...

First match of your search in this article.

Friday 09 July 1937 , Nottingham Evening Post , Nottinghamshire, England
Type: FamilyNotice Words: 723 Page: 3 Tags: none

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Thanks everyone for your assistance, I knew I could rely on you!

What is quite noticeable is the fact that it didn't take long to bury someone in those days ......... only 2 days in this case, 4 days for another brother who died in 1944 and the same for my Grandad in 1954. That's compared to 9 days this year for my Dad (and we had the funeral arranged before I even got the death certificate). I will send off for the death certificate for Bryan but for now I can at least get the little man with his hammer and chisel going on the headstone.

Thanks again smile2

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Just to confirm Ann is correct , I have just read the insertion in the family announcements section and it does say he died on the 8th July.

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