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I see Virgin Media are at it again, just received an email telling me my bill is increasing by another £2.99 a month. Every September this happens since those damned yanks bought VM off Richard Branson.

The good news is my BB speed will be increased from this,


To 200Mb/s free of charge !

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I've just had the opposite.


I got a renewal email from BT for broadband and landline. I didn't automatically accept it; instead I looked at the numbers and realised I was paying more than I thought. So I rang them and said I want a different, better tariff.  With virtually no delay they came back with a much improved deal and I am now paying around £18 per month (approx £200 a year) less..... and getting more services for it ( including mobile, which wasn't previously with them).


Moral. Don't automatically accept renewals.

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Exactly CT, VM have a dedicated retentions department set up to offer customers a sweeter deal IF they threaten to leave or even ask.

Loyalty doesn't matter anymore from large companies, AA, RAC & Insurance companies just send a renewal with a price hike because they know full well that many will just carry on paying without question, strangely many people don't exactly know how much they are paying out each month for goods & services just taking it on the chin every month not realising how much they are actually paying.

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I find it irritating that all ISPs quote download speeds and never mention the pathetic upload. I host a server in Strasbourg, downloading at 10Mbs is not much of a prolem but uploading files at 0.3Mbs really tests my patience and yet we are continually pushed towards 'cloud computing'. I accept they prioritise for the majority who only download but uploading back in the day of 56k modems uploading was usually 50% of the download speed and I can see no good reason why it can't be that way now.

Plusnets (my ISP) script monkey told me when I asked to upgrade to a business tariff told me, (it's no faster, the cables can only carry traffic one way!) what a load of garbage.

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