Remember Proper Coppers?

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Remember those car lamps with the blue dome in the middle?

I broke one playing footy on a cops MGB roadster... I went into Central and told him..he said: " do you want the bill, or a thick ear"?

I replied:"thick ear please".

He sent me off with a telling off and a pat on the head for honesty!!

Coppers in that town were first class!!

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What we have to remember is that we're talking of a different era. A clip round the ear, or something a little heavier, was once acceptable but if it happened today it would result in a lawsuit and the policeman/woman losing their jobs. People are law savvy these days and know how far they can go. This results in police baiting with the police having to take it until it goes too far. I think that the police have always been 'proper coppers' but these days they have to operate with one hand tied behind their backs.

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When I was about 18 a policeman stopped me riding my cycle and told me to push it

I had been to the pub(fox & Hounds Netherfield) 4 ? pints of Home bitter

It was a lunch time & had had an early shift on the railway :)

Today I would be arrested & fined ...........................................lots :(

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Riding my bike without lights (1968) in Bestwood Village when the village copper caught me: A good shouting at & a threat to connect me to a giant battery followed & that was that. Today I'd have probably been done for it..

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A clip round the ear?....To do that nowadays there would have to be four of 'em kitted out with the latest sprays and gadgets......And why when you're being sat on by half of the night shift does one of 'em always say "Calm down"...a bit like being told "Don't panic" while having your face licked by an escaped tiger.

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