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A few random photos - 5

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If that pic could talk!

Jocks shop on the corner of Hunto..Nice Cars Garage and St.Johns Ambulance Depot. EMEB building that poor old Colin trained in. The 31 and 50 transportation to hell.Camping out on Woodborough Terrace over Vic tunnel. Trumans and the National Garage, Judges sliced pans and The Newcastle Arms..nice Variant!

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Just read some of the comments re Southy Street. I worked in the area for about 7 years in 1990-97. Many of the houses in the area would have been very grand indeed at one time. I've been in a lot of them. Most, not all, quite run down and split into flats. Even in the run down state some retained features of their past grandure. Ornate plaster ceilings and some basements having the bells on springs marked with the rooms above as they had been the servants quarters. Forest Road and area was of course we'll known in the 50's until recent times as Nottinghams vice area where  prostitutes now more politely referred to as sex workers operated. I knew many of the regular girls, not in the biblical sense I hasten to add. Some were there for drug money, some pimped and some just because they could make some money quickly. All sorts of reasons often with rather sad histories that led them into what is a sordid lifestyle. A few of them were really quite pleasant and likeable. Many not so. 

I don't think it's so well know or used as a vice area now. Perhaps the Internet and modern slavery and pop up brothels have taken over. 

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