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Hi everyone!

I’ve been lurking around the forum for a while so I thought I’d better join!

I lived in Nottingham from 1988 to 2004, first of all as a student, then I did some shop and factory jobs, before landing my dream job as a research technician in QMC. I met my husband in Nottingham and we got our first house together in Beeston, where we ended up living for 10 years. We had to move away in 2002 because hubby lost his job and couldn’t find anything else locally, so we had to relocate to the London area. It’s OK down here but it’s not a patch on Nottingham. I really miss my old home and my old job. Nottingham was an amazing place to live.

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Welcome Sarahjay, you're right about Nottingham being an amazing place, it has a lot of amazing people in it as well, looking forward to reading some of your memories



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Welcome Sarahjay.  Hope you enjoy ploughing through Nottstalgia.  I grew up in Nottingham but spent 30 years in your neck of the woods, latterly in Berkhamsted.  Had a good friend who lived in Chesham Bois and used to go to restaurants around Amersham. I really enjoyed living down there but been back here 13 years and happy we came back.  Nottingham has so much to offer. 

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