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Good Evening All,


Just been doing a little lurking and thought I'd pop in and say Hi Guys I'm back imbackDid you miss me? Oh well never mind. Couldn't check in last year as we had no wifi at Altnaharra, in fact  we were lucky to have electricity :) Seriously we had a fantastic time. I'm sure Compo must have been there at some time and will know how lovely it is. It is also very remote, the nearest shop being 25 miles away, or 50 miles for a supermarket!!

As it was so remote I kept our campers supplied with all sorts of yummy goodies, Chocolate Brownies, Lemon Drizzle Cake, Carrot Cake and Cream Teas, with Flapjack being a hot favourite of all the cyclists who stopped off on their travels to and from John O'Groats.

Wildlife was abundant with Golden Eagles flying over most days, not to be confused with the buzzards, and one day I had 2 juvenile golden eagles just outside the office door. Red deer often seen roaming the hillside and we were entertained on a daily basis by the antics of the sheep and their lambs.


We loved it so much that we are going back to Scotland in March, and will be there until November, but not to Altnaharra. This season we will be at Brora, which is just south of Wick, and on the coast, with a golf course between our site and the beach, so we have high hopes of another fantastic season. Might have a bit more chance of calling in to check on you guys this year as we do have wifi on site and we shall also be home on a regular basis as we have day relief and so will get away for a week every month. Last year we had no other help, just ourselves, and so only got a day off when we could, not really long enough to make the 500 mile journey home, but it was no hardship when we had such wonderful scenery around us.


Well I hope you all had a good year in 2018, a great Christmas and wish you all good blessings for 2019.


I shall now carry on lurking and try to catch up with you.




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Hello darkazana,

Well what do you know, it's brilliant to see you are back. I really thought you had left us for good. Yes, you have been missed. Look forward to reading your posts, and hoping you have been saving your experiences to share with us.  Good blessings to you as well Deborah. :)

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Hi Carni,

Hope you are keeping well.

It's good to be back. Still trying to find my way around the probably not so new look site now.

I was about to have a look round the site, but spookily Paul Murtons Grand Tours of Scotland's Lochs was on and he visited Loch Naver which is where our campsite was last year, just after I had finished my post about it!!!




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13 hours ago, darkazana said:

Oh well never mind. Couldn't check in last year as we had no wifi at Altnaharra, in fact  we were lucky to have electricity


I've just had to Google what or where or who is Altnaharra.  I assume you told us about it last year but I'd forgotten.


It looks to be as far into the middle of nowhere as it's possible to be - apart from Bulwell perhaps.

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Yey! Really nice to have you back darkazana :cool:

Thought about you yesterday when Loch Naver was featured on TV. I'll be up there again this year.

I camped on a site at Brora many years ago. Fished for salmon in the river and trout on the Lochs. Remember that stay more for the craic we joined in at the pub. Think it was because a local lassie, a beauty name d Morag had returned from a long stay away. My pal and I got legless and being incapable of driving back to the tents we had to stay at the pub for B&B :rolleyes:  

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