Robin Hood is everywhere

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This is the strangest thing. I emigrated to Australia in 1956 aged 13. I have fond memories of Nottingham Castle and of course Robin Hood. I live between Sydney and Brisbane. Last week I was playing golf at my local club,On the 9th tee I hit this booming(exaggerated) drive down the fairway but it finished in long grass on the right hand side.  After a couple of minutes I find a yellow golf ball, this is the crazy bit, the ball had on it a picture of" Robin Hood" and the wording "Nottingham Castle". We could not believe it, here am I 64 years after leaving Nottingham 24000 Ks away and in the middle of a clump of grass I find it.:tony:Yes I also shook my head in disbelief.

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We have two Robin Hood Hotels in South Australia.

One in Norwood in metropolitan Adelaide, founded in 1851, The other is in Strathalbyn a lovely country town about 60km from Adelaide, it was founded in 1855.

Apparently the pubs have always had these names but I cannot find how they came to be named after Nottingham's famous outlaw.

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Not forgetting Nottingham the head of Hudson Bay.................

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On the outskirts of Williams, Az, is a tiny community called Sherwood Forest Estates. Roads are Little John, Jolly Rogue, Longbow, Friar Tuck etc. I couldn't believe it when I first moved there. Also a strip mall in Flagstaff called Sherwood Forest Shopping Center. I see there are several Nottinghams in the US, but I bet they pronounce them wrong. NottingHAM. Not Nottingum!

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