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Hi great page


I am after several old articles from the Evening Post during the 1970’s, does anyone know if they are available to view online, I am aware libraries are all

closed and the British newspaper archive page only covers up until 1940 hopefully with more interest it may get digitised in its entirety


Are there any other avenues to take many thanks for your help x

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To be honest you may have to wait till the Nottingham Archives re-opens to be able to view 1970s Evening Post or Journal  newspapers . Having said that I've never been , so unsure what copies they actually have .


The Evening Posts are viewable online up to 1950 and Journal up to 1953 .


It's worth checking out other regional papers if the story was of enough interest .

The Coventry and Birmingham papers often covered Notts stories and have later issues on the online platforms .

Good luck

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Welcome Ged derby 

Enjoy NN  is their any thing that you are looking for in particular?  as I have quite a lot of Time to Remeber books from the Evning post.

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When I was doing research into the Dakins building on Talbot Street, I went to the local history library on Angel row a few times, they were always so helpful, nothing was a bother and me being non-tech, they showed me each time how to use the readers for the micro-films (of the old newspapers ).

Go there !

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As has been said before, the British Newspaper Archives is online, but only covers Nottingham papers up to 1950 (I think!). The Central library had microfiche  copies of the 1980’s Evening Post which you can access for free. However, I think the library is now closed permanently, pending the opening of the new Broadmarsh library. I would imagine the microfiche archive has been moved to the Nottinghamshire Archives building on Wilford Street - which is currently closed. However, after all this waffling I notice that you haven’t said which newspaper you’re looking for! 

All of the above might be completely wrong, but I can’t be a**** to delete it all!


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