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Just returned from a wonderful afternoon on the Victoria Embankment with my wife and grandchildren.

I had a couple of hours fishing and watched the kids play scooting safely up and down the embankment and flying a kite.

My wife enjoyed the warm autumn sunshine and a cup of tea.

A great afternoon costing only a couple of ice creams.

What forsight out Victorian forefathers must have had when they constructed the Embankment for the enjoyment of the people of Nottingham and surrounding areas (I say that because I do not live in the City)

Similarly the Forest Recreation ground and the Arboretum, two oases !tanning! :angry: of peace in the City, again planned and built by the Victorians.

Anyone think of anymore?

Will we leave a legacy to our great great grandchildren to enjoy for free?

I don'T think so.

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Highfields park great day out, nice and quite,boating lake mini golf and park for the kids, even a little coffee shop and ice cream van.

I have been going there since a small child. thumbsupcool2

lips0 And I still do to chill out....or after a heavy night on the tiles... vampire2

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Hello Caz glad you have wrenched yourself from the exPats site.... !rotfl!

Highfields is off University Boulivard between Beeston and Dunkirk, I'll let Darcy give you anymore info if it's needed.........I suppose as a little girl you never got that far west of the city.....not many do........ :tease:

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  • 8 months later...

Where they salted Red? I see no curry sauce.

great pic by the way... :yahoo:


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I know its nearly a year ago but here is Highfields boating lake Circa 1954 for Caz


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I saw mention of the swiming pool on the Trent else where but I couldn't find it again to enable to post this picture so i'll put it on here as it's on the embankment Circa 1942


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It looks a bit dilapidated was it rebuilt later or are your memories from this era?


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