Teen Time - Cliff Nobles & Co/Horse Fever

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Sorry Missed these,

Was it by Junior Walker ?

Certainly not Jr Walker.

Last Night - The Mar-Keys

but who used it for a theme tune on T.V. ?

And I am pretty sure its not Last Night?

"but who used it for a theme tune on T.V.?"

Last night as a theme, or the questioned track?

The questioned track seems to be the theme of 'Teen Time'

I would be interested in any program with Last night as a theme?

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Ian are you telling me that At the Ariba Club, you never played any oldies?

I thought you would be the first to answer this one, and were keeping shtum to give others a chance?

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Played thousands of oldies in my time .But I have never heard of teen time .Is it me or is that a black audience if so it would have been a pretty small T.V.audience cos I don't think many would have had telly in them days

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No I had never heard of 'Teen Time' the american TV show.

You must remember Cliff Nobles & Co. The Horse, and Horse Fever?

These were classic soul instrumentals in the 60's

The questioned track, apparently the theme to Teen Time, is not in fact an instrumental.

Yes a black audience in that show, but other shows on YOUTUBE, are white.

Possibly a show from the southern states where segregation was still evident at that time.

Lets not forget that much of the soul music that we enjoyed was based on the struggle for equality.

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Thank you Craig

Rex Garvin - Sock it to em JB (James Bond not James Brown)

There was also a now deceased Reggae Star, who had a record about the James Bond at about the same time... This star appeared at the Palais in 1969.

What and who was that?

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Wohh there tiger what about the late great Agent Double OH soul himself ...None other than Mr Edwin Starr

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I have just looked in my Guiness hit singles book only to find he didn't have a hit with "Agent Double 'O' Soul" in the U.K. Not exactly about James Bond I know but the publicity shot for the record shows him posing with Sean Connery under the caption "Agent Double'O' Seven meets Agent Double 'O' Soul"

I can't remember seeing it since I moved cross country but it might be in my mums loft still !!!


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It only lets you post two songs.

On some other sites I go on you still have to use [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] tags around the last bit of the share code. (Everything after the / ) And on yet another site, you can post four addresses max, then as many as you want with tags as above.

It's a funny old world.

I know we had a couple of Cliff Nobles tunes but not sure they went down that well at the 360.

Played this a bit, but it wasn't really heading in the Northern Soul direction...

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