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I had a stax afternoon - and it makes a change from motown, so I thought I'd list a couple of my favourite stax trax and see if anyone else has any as well!

Lovey Dovey - Otis and Carla

And two of the early ones from the relaunch on the yellow label with the finger-snap - Soul Limbo and Private Number

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Let's not forget "Three Time Loser", Wilson Pickett, "Soothe Me" Sam & Dave, another Wilson Pickett, "Don't Fight it", Eddie Floyd & "Bring it on Home to Me" , And a couple more of Wilsons "6345789" & "Funky Broadway"

I still love to play these tracks & more LOL

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Some good songs there folks!

I must admit that when I first got "Hit The Road Stax" I couldnt understand why Carla Thomas' Gee Whiz was included, why on earth include an almost doo wop track on a soul album?

One track I did love though was " Last Night " by The Mar Keys, great piece of music!

Singles that I loved on Blue Stax included " Happy" by William Bell, and "Let Me Come on Home" by Otis

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Time is tight was definitely one of my favourites - Booker T - Great guy, great band, although is Wedding Album wasn't quite the best thing he ever did. Worth a few quid now though. I sold my copy to selecta for about a quid!

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Talking of things 'Staxy' I was in New york in September and went into a record shop in Greenwich village. I was specifically after Apollo Saturday Night recorded on November 16th 1963. (ATCO SD 33-159) I had it in the 60's but it was nicked. This fellah just walked over to the rack - flick, flick, flick, here you are sir $30. A steal. His website says that he has 1,000,000 records. I think there was a couple of hundred thousand in the shop. Wall to wall vinyl. If anyone is interested, the place is called House of Oldies. The website is:-

By the way the Apollo Theatre is awesome and sent shivers down me back when I walked in.

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