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As its always a pleasant change to see a TV programme about Nottingham down here that isn't about crime, we took time out to watch it. Basically, it was about a couple who couldn't decide whether to buy a house in Nottingham or Barcelona, hmmmm.

It started off badly, as my missus said, she didn't know there was a cable car in the city, nor did I.

The first house was on Carlton Hill, near the 'Train station'? It was described as a contemporary property, I didn't realise that 1930's semi's came into that category. Next house was in Sherwood, described as being right next door to Sherwood Forest, cut to scenes of kids cycling about in the pines at presumably Centre Parks, I dind't realise that the Forest now extended down Valley Road.

Now lets look at a property to the south of the city, West Bridgeford? no, Beeston, has it been moved then.

It looked as if the programme had been made last spring, but I must admit, we were surprised at the price of property up there compared to down here, I always thought that the north south divide had largely levelled out, but I reckon you could add on £100K to the price of those type of properties down here, and Braintree is supposed to be fairly cheap. Mind you, it couldn't compare to the price of the grotty little flats they were looking at in Barcelona, I think I would have stuck to Beeston, even if it has been moved.

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Don't get me started Kev, our local area programme was 'Lovejoy', we spent many happy hours watching the filming, my youth and I even got to operate the lights once, but when you saw the final mix, it was hilarious how the places had got jumbled up, continuity went out the window, I enjoyed it mind, a bit wierd watching Ian Mcshane walking up my front path and ringing the door bell though.

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£50? I'll take 2 please,lol, yes I saw a bit of that programme,well about 2 mins, I came in from cleaning the cess pit (my preferred choice when this type of s*** is on) bit I saw was where that bird was on about "the shopping centre in sherwood" (the Al jihad supermarket?) On principle I will not watch these sort of programmes "got to have room for entertaining, 3 bathrooms (dirty buggers?) and garden the size of forest rec" just another form of brainwashing to make some richer

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Actually Ashley, saw a good deal to Marmaris yesterday, sadly, I have other arrangements for that date.

It was for Marmaris, which we did not like as much as Ichmillar, But the Bus and boat services are very good.

We will be back.

One of our members was going to move to Spain, but they are now also in Turkey.

As for the Villa for £50 as opposed to 50k, you will have to wait a few more months.

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They expect the "second home" foreclosures in Florida to peak this summer - which should coincide with the lowest prices.

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Another one not to tell anybody, but as (As you may know ) Greece has gone bankrupt recently , Spain are about to follow them down . This is the main reason that for the last few weeks share prices have gone down (Badly) and property prices there are going for a snip again

When I first lived in Ibiza (Mid 90s) I could have purchased a 4 bedroomed (Large ones too) villa with a large pool and tennis court, and a good piece of what passes for grass/ lawn for £24,000 !!! when I finally left (99) they were going for £75,000 . That was 2 years before the big boom over here. Admitedly this was something to do with having George Micheal , Mike Oldfield both the Gallagher brothers (Oasis) and Seal all buying one !!

I've since heard that they peaked at £300,000 !!!! but are back to about £200,000 now (Guess who is kicking himself as we speak !!)

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