Cheap tickets to Notts County anybody?

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Todays 'groupon' deal for Nottingham is two tickets to see Notts play Stevenage in February for £15

I'm going for the meet the players meal and drinks against MK Dons on 21st January.

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I think that Notts are well capable of winning at Swindon next week but if Macclesfield don't lose to Cambridge then we're down and out the league.

The sad thing is I can think of several occasions this season where Notts have thrown away precious points that would have seen us safe by now.

Here's hoping that next season the new owners will give us something to cheer.

I have heard many pessimists say that if Notts go out the league it will take several seasons to get back. I have to disagree because I think the momentum that the new owners will bring will make a massive difference.

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NEP saying that a South African consortium have just completed due diligence. The price will depend on which league Notts are playing in next season.

I've just checked the table and next week if Macclesfield v Cambridge ends 0-0 and Notts win 9-0 at Swindon then Notts will stay up on goal difference.

Now that’s what you call optimism.

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23 hours ago, philmayfield said:

I don’t believe he’s got his licence back yet


He only got a 2 month ban.


The way I read it, if Macclesfield draw & Notts win, Notts still go down on goal difference unless they score 8? Fingers crossed

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