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Globe Cinema, Trent Bridge, Nottingham about 1962

The Globe Picture House near Trent Bridge opened on 12 January 1914, but closed in 1961. It was then a bingo hall, but only for about four months. It re-opened as a cinema on 23 October 1961, but lasted only until 30 June 1962. It was demolished in 1969, and the site is now part of the public highway


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Pics of the old Globe cinema brought back memories of the 'tanner rush' on saturday afternoons around about the 60s .. Lash La Rue/Flash Gordon/Abbot & Costello/Batman etc.. Total mayhem in there whilst the films were shown .. then came time for the exit, and the side door was throw open .. seemed like hundreds of bodies plyed for the escape! .. when you did eventually surface into the oxygen rich air and bright light you somehow felt 'phazed' for a few seconds .. but the adrenalin soon kicked back in .. and off you went !

were you there ?


By gum yes.

But I would like to stress that I did not take a water pistol or pea-shooter with me.

Also, I did not assist the gang in the distracting of the attendant as we hid behind the curtains of the fire doors and let in other member of the gang.

Cough cough...

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At the Saturday morning rush at the Globe (6d entrance? - 1960) Hoppalong Cassidy films were popular.

Which were your favourites? I think mine was the corny Batman!

I recall the booing of the baddies and cheering of the goodies.

The Orange Maid suckers, the Midland Counties ice cream and Fry's Five Boys chocolate bars amongst others.


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Which were your favourites? I think mine was the corny Batman!

I remember saturday morning pictures in late 50s early 60s, an early Batman serial in black and white. maybe 1940s?

I have been unable to find anything about this early Batman?

My absolute favorite was captain Marvel, somewhere I have a DVD of the whole serial?


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