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  1. Jess glynne headlining.... Human league. Ub40 ...... Tickets all sold
  2. Nottingham square you are taking the P..S .... Literally and as for a beach !!!????
  3. Good post Benjamin ....... A lot of couples are needy of one another, do everything together ......when one leaves the other through illness or choice ,they go to pieces not coping with their own company . Girlie or lad nights, days, weekends or whatever are sooo important to keep that fateful and inevitable time of singledom at bay ......... I
  4. 20 puffs of ventolin inhaler would be similar to ventolin via a nebuliser ? .......
  5. Ventolin is Salbutamol Chulla and is used to open the airways..........
  6. Interesting link to the hardman house museum DJ360 ...... We are having another girlie weekend in Liverpool and this would interest me......the girls want to do the Beatles house tour but as I was brought up on Booker Ave, next to the Mcartneys and a mile away from auntie Mimi, I think I will give it a miss !!!!!!!....I do enjoy the bohemian area of Liverpool and this museum would be one to view.
  7. ALEXON 1983......1986......the interior was done by Nina Campbell ......fantastic colours and decor JIGSAW , then Zara 2002
  8. There was a great shop on the corner of st Peters gate and poultry arcade early 80s .....was that Boogaloo ? It was used in an episode of Connie with Stephanie Beacham and Pam Ferris
  9. Gosh that brought back memories.....we use to have many a family meal in Tratoria Conti on st James street
  10. Another iberico tapas/ wine bar due to open August in Hockley ........
  11. Tommy Quickly or Thomas Quigley as he was known in Liverpool was not my scene either but that one track " walk the streets at night looking for someone " sums up youth, innocence and hoping to meet Mr or Mrs Right ...... But as the lyrics go on " now she's gone, she's said her last goodbyes " still brings a tear to my eye .....
  12. Actor Lewis Collins and drummer Aynsley Dunbar in Mojos Fly.....
  13. Was a stones fan myself ........but did enjoy seeing The Merseybeats, The Mojos and Tommy Quickly
  14. So it's you RR that is trying to auction it off ?????LOL
  15. Not forgetting Nash interiors, the great cooperative ( not the co op ) food shop opposite the Nottingham Pram company and of course Birdcage when it moved ......
  16. And give you lot a laugh Kath ?...... Am such a sensitive soul
  17. Yes, Rob opened the girls shop after Roxy threads ......stil got a pink leather dress from there , look a sight in it now !!!LOL
  18. Could it be Sonia Beaumont or Roxanne, both in Hockley ?
  19. The Godwin brothers developed Cavendish house into apartments in 2007 ......they are accessed from Park terrace or the ropewalk
  20. The boutique by northern rock was Babels...... .....short lived
  21. That would be a good night for when Ian's over ?.......