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    The changing culture of the city I grew up with.
  1. Heckler and koch is on the industrial/science park opposite notts uni. There have been loads of demos there, google Notts indymedia for pics of protests.
  2. I'll try to make it Limey, a nice cool bottle of bud lite waiting for you....
  3. A judge Death avatar would be more suitable, Mick....
  4. I'm 42, so not even that young, but Nottingham is a great city, sure it has plenty of downsides, but there is something of interest for everybody. I'll always be proud of growing up here.
  5. Even though I seem to be younger than a lot of posters, this site has brought back many happy memories of a mispent youth in dive bars and rock clubs and pubs. It's great to hear stories about local legends when I was a teen/early twenties. Ronnie one punch, Stu Morris etc So I definiteley think this site is worthwhile.
  6. Any ex pats on here lived or living in Phoenix AZ

  7. Saw this guy busking outside marks and sparks, he was amazing, also toured with New Model Army.
  8. Does anyone remember Des & Karl, Des was your stereotypical hippy, long black hair, big beard. Karl had long ginger hair and glasses. Both were purveyors of the kind of things which made rock night more memorable. used to sit in the corner in the small downstairs area, when they walked in the DJ would play Steppenwolfs The Pusher.
  9. Anarchists cook book and such ilk. Its sometimes easy to forget how much censorship there was pre internet.
  10. Fat clem is still mad about fishing, he goes to Barnstone ponds with my neighbour 3 times a week.
  11. I worked down Cotgrave pit from 86 till closure, believe me, rules and regs got pretty slack towards the end. Still, I got to drive an FSV which was fun. Where did you work Beefsteak, I might know you IRL
  12. Beefy, Cotgrave pit didn't open till the early 60s, so not the bevin boys descendents. My dad a miner, moved from Stanley (co Durham) to Carway (Wales) to Cotgrave, you got a better house the newer the pit. The Cotgrave geordie accent is dying out with each generation, the youth all talk in ghetto slang these days, ya get me....
  13. I think it is, same road as the Mushroom bookshop IIRC.