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  1. NewBasfordLad #80 Why did you approach schools? School 'Careers Master's are almost all untrained people doing the 'Career's' role for an extra allowance. Wrong people to ask. There was still the Connexions Service, who could have looked at every kid in Nottingham and will have known all of their qualifications and ambitions. (And no.. I didn't agree with ruining the Careers Service by turning it into Connexions, but it was there. I'm in the process of describing all that stuff on the 'jobs' thread.) Were you not aware of any of the industry training organisations, such as B.E.S.T., CIT
  2. I can see I'm going to be busy later. Col
  3. Your sentiments here are in direct conflict with your quotation from AESOP. So which is it? Col
  4. Ian, I know your heart's in the right place but much of what you are advocating is already happening via Surestart programmes. They're designined to improve parenting, support parents, involve parents in kids education, etc., etc. And guess what? They're being cut. By who? Three guesses....
  5. Fly. No need to take your ball away. We don't need to fall out. But do you really believe that everybody on benefits is a Chav or a Scally? Of course there are some, but all of them? Really? And surely you can't be extrapolating a few beer cans into evidence about anything? I take offence because I have relatives who have been on benefits for very genuine reasons. I've been on them myself on occasion. I also take offence because I have both relatives and friends who live on Bestwood Est. and are hardworking honest people. I've stated that I have a disabled daughter. Are you surpris
  6. @ Hippogirl #45. Are you saying that you seriously believe the 'babies for cash' stuff? We all know about unwanted pregnancies, but do you seriously believe that anything other than a few nutjobs deliberately set out to put themselves in that situation? So how are you going to identify those you deem to be worthy? Do abused children 'seek welfare'? I'm not in favour of scroungers, but it seems to me that the present Govt is using hysteria and scapegoating, whipped up by their buddies in the press, to justify a wholesale assault on the UK welfare system. They are conning the bulk of th
  7. Thought I'd explain a little bit about proper Careers Advice and Guidance. Might be worth going back to origins though, but I'll keep it brief: Until the final repeal of the last of the Poor Laws in 1905 or 6 (Mr Churchill I believe), it was the common sentiment and the official Government position, that unemployment was purely the result of 'fecklessness'. There was no other cause. If you were poor through lack of work it was your own fault. No other influences or mechanisms existed. ( There are some, notably Mr Idiot Duncan -Smith.. who still like to have us believe this) In reality
  8. Answers to a few comments: Obviously you can blame some of it on bad parenting, but that's not the kid's fault. You have to break the cycle somehow. No child is born a scrounger, or a racist, or with any of the nasty attitudes which people learn later. Stella cans on Andover only prove that people drop litter. You can surmise that they're being bought in place of food for kids, but do you know that? And if you can prove that doesn't it simply reinforce the argument that the kids being deprived are in need? I gave examples above of why some kids have extra needs and why, even with the bes
  9. Have to say I'm very disappointed to read the last few posts in this thread. I spent the last 30 years of my working life as a Careers Adviser. A job that in reality is very different to most people's narrow perception. I spent years working with kids whose backgrounds and issues (In this country....!!) were worse than anything I experienced on Bestwood Estate in the 1950s. I also worked as a Youth Worker for many years.. (I'm a glutton for punishment) I remember one night when a chap I didn't know came to the door of the youth club asking for his son. He exchanged a few words with his s
  10. Interesting stuff. I love the way people used enterprise, adaptability, guile, etc., etc to get on and carve out their own niche. That said, it's much harder for kids today as the range of opportunities gets wider and more complex but the number of opportunities shrinks. More on that later. Part 2. I missed out a couple of jobs from Part 1, such as radial arm drill operator (Self taught) and Grinder- Fettler at Whiteley Read in Park Lane. Sure there were others.. There's a rather nice denouement coming up soon, but I'll stick to my plan for a bit... So anyway, I met this scouse girl
  11. Dunno if this has been done before.... I seem to have been spectacularly bad at choosing for a long time. Then when I finally got it right, Govt. decided I as wrong. When I left school with 6 'O' levels, I wanted to be an 'analytical chemist', preferably working in the 'Forensic Service', which back in 1965, was a section of the Home Office. I asked the 'so called' 'Careers Master' at school about Forensics. " Well I have a 'First' in Chem from Oxford and they wouldn't have me.. so what chance do you think you've got?". You can't beat a bit of encouragement. I had Chem, Phys and Biol
  12. I've been picking up on references to people being 'anti Poppy', and even one Facebook allegation of a taxi driver refusing to take a fare because he was 'wearing a Poppy' (Subsequently denied by the Taxi firm involved) Have I missed something? I know there have always been a few who see the Poppy as 'glorifying' war (Which it doesn't if you have a brain. ) but is there a new dimension to this? Col
  13. I don't want to imply any criticism of 'Da Management', but this is one of two boards I visit where posting images is, or can be particularly difficult. Both use the same software. The other board I use frequently is based on 'v.bulletin' software. It is much more basic in apearance, but easier to post to. Col
  14. I love the way info collected by our expense, gets sold on to other people who let us have it... at our expense... We're constantly being mugged.
  15. By the way. Have you seen what these guys do? This isn't the greatest music, but look what they're doing... Squeezing the bellows with one arm to push air into the bag under the other. Then playing the melody with both hands on the chanter... and also 'stopping' the bottom of the chanter onto their knee. usually a leather pad there for that. I think it's to do with jumping up and down octaves but not really sure. Then playing chords on the drones by using their wrist. Easy Col
  16. I first picked up on Folk music in the late 50's. Hearing the likes of Ewan Mc Coll on radio. Later, Dylan, Baez, and Brits such as Anne Briggs,, Jansch, Renbourn But I didn't really hear pure Irish Traditional music until I went to the Traveller's Rest Folk Club in St Helens in the 1970s. There, I was totally Gobsmacked by the sheer talent and virtuosity on show. It opened my eyes and ears to some of the most astonishingly affecting music I've ever heard. I heard what I used to call the 'Liverpool Irish Mafia'. Mick Johnson, Shay Black, Tony Gibbon, and the Coyne family. All aweso
  17. Surely the same Johnny Hobbs who had the Johnny Hobbs Stompers at the 360 in Bulwell? Just a bit before my time, but I certainly recall a chap with loads of heavy bracelets etc. Think we already established that there was some overlap between Jazz finishing and the Soul/R&B and ultimately 'Northern Soul' discos starting. I was discussing this with my old 360 Club 'oppo' Dave Pick last time we met in Liverpool a week or so back.
  18. And the greatest of them all.... Ray Charles. I had the honour to see him live twice. Once in Nottm, and once in Liiverpool. Oooohhh! Genius is an understatement. Col
  19. Whilst not in any way wishing to underplay the plight of the Hedgehog, I doubt that bonfires are a significant issue. Just not often enough and bonfires are far less common now than they were. Where I live, we haven't had a bonfire for years, yet the hedgehogs have continued to decrease in numbers. They were regulars in my garden, but not seen one for maybe 10 years. Used to see them wandering up the hedges, with little ones in tow.. but not for ages. Something else is afoot. Col
  20. DJ360

    Tom Graveney

    I only saw cricket at Trent Bridge once. It's amazing what you remember. Dad sent me down to Marsden's on Andover for a packet of Arrowroot Biscuits. Then off we went. To be honest I was bored ****less for most of the day. I couldn't really see the play and wouldn't have understood if I could. I recall Peter May played. Think it was Notts v Surrey. Can't remember the year, but I'm pretty certain it was pre 1960. But what I also recall is names. Denis Compton, Tom Graveney, Bedser, Shepperd, Cowdray, Illingworth. Thing is I really wasn't interested.. but certain unusual names appealed
  21. Are you able to provide a list and some assessment of condition? Col
  22. 1965. Year I left school. And some terrific songs in the charts.. I remember the blessed relief that I'd finally finished my O level exams.. coming home and celebrating with a massive mug of coffee on the back step. A little while later I celebrated with the late Bob Wyville and a couple of others in their flat over the shops in Andover Rd, Bestwood. We drank a lot of cider and nobody complained.. Weather was warm and all was right with the world. `1967 was another great year. I spent part of the Summer hitch hiking in France and
  23. Think I only went in the Barrel once. Remember it being built. I recall the Deerstalker being built in the 1950s. Like most pubs back then, it was OK. It was my Dad's local for many years. One of the earliest landlords was called Ted Hartland and was famous for winning a brand new Vauxhall back in the days when people off Bestwood just didn't have cars, much less new ones. I went to a few of the kid's Christmas parties organised there. Also used it as my 'midweek' local quite often until I left Nottm. In fact as I recall it was still OK until around 1980. My late Sister Pam enjoyed workin
  24. It only lets you post two songs. On some other sites I go on you still have to use [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE] tags around the last bit of the share code. (Everything after the / ) And on yet another site, you can post four addresses max, then as many as you want with tags as above. It's a funny old world. I know we had a couple of Cliff Nobles tunes but not sure they went down that well at the 360. Played this a bit, but it wasn't really heading in the Northern Soul direction...