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  1. Having a clearout and came upon this, bands were; Jody Grind Anno Domino Mungo Jerry Atomic Rooster Deep Joy Taste Family I could not go as i go because run over by a yellow Ford Anglia on Bracebridge Drive Bilborough a few day's before! I can't attach the image of the programme for some reason (42kb) says error 500!!!
  2. Probably not the right place to post this but here goes. I was having a clearout in the garage this morning and came upon this. It must be at least 30 year ode. Probably would taste no worst then when it was first brewed!!
  3. I remember the Birdcage from the 70's. Downstairs was ladies/girls stuff and upstairs was blokes. I remember two of the guys who used to work there Greg Longdon and Tony Sulley, i played football with them first for Nottingham Jewish FC , we changed the name to Sparton Atheletic and played in the Sunday league. Happy days. Chas..
  4. Hi i left in 1965 so was after you. I remember Joe Morley and Mr Skilbeck the metalwork teacher was Mr Dover our form teacher was Mr Wollin he was german.
  5. No i came from the other side of the tracks..... Greenwood Road!
  6. Web wrote: does anybody remember monkey park where Virgin Media is now. I do, we used to live in Victoria Avenue off Sneinton Dale late 50's to about 1963. We used to play football down there a lot. I remember there was a bowling green as well as swings and i think there was a slide there as well. There was also some sort of water treatment next to it. Used to knock around with Jimmy Roberts and Tony Pearson, where are they now i wonder? Live in Ilfracombe since 1979, lifes hard! !tanning!
  7. Thats amazing, he certainly must have kept his customers happy. I was talking about 1966 when i remembered the shop.
  8. There used to be a really good cycle shop there as i recall.
  9. Macfisheries was on South Parade alongside the square, i think there was a Norwich Union insurance office next door. It was later a branch of Halfords, Macfisheries did their own budget whisky called MacWhisky! Chasper. smile2
  10. Someone asked for a play list of the Nottingham Castle Rock lp, well i have just retrieved my copy number 000109 to be exact. Side one Odysseus Aguana Autumn Design Loving Centuaris Road to Damascus Dave Rossiter and Friends Don't rock the boat Side two Moonlight Drive Changes Cisco This heavy load Down to Earth Money Woman Autumn Design Autumn Design Gaffa Playing at Love Satan's Vomit Steakin thru the Tulips Pr
  11. Hi i joined up yesterday, anyway abit about me. Born 1950 Mansfield Road childrens hospital. Lived at Chaucer Street then we moved to llkeston when i was 2, back to Nottingham 2 years later somewhere near Forest recreation ground then Sneinton (Victoria Avenue) school at Greenwood infant, junior and seconday . Left to work at Entex on Glaisdale Drive in Bilborough. Played football with CLB Athletic, Entex,Daykyne Street Old Boys reserves,360 club, Sparton Athletic,Ilkeston Alloa and Bridgeford Park Olympic. Part time roadie with Gaffa. Sorry if i'm boring you but its nice to remember these tim
  12. We used to play football on Monkey Park, thats what we called it, just over the railway level crossing on Meadow Lane near Daleside Road, there was a bowling green there as well. Happy days. Chasper.
  13. Hi just found this great site. i went to Greenwood infants junior and bilateral left in 1965. Live in Devon now since 1979. I shall be posting in some of the other pages, some of which really bought back some memories. Chasper.