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  1. "Never use the word 'Got' unless you've got to." [T.Delee, deputy head, St B's 1960s. Former classics teacher, Cambs.]
  2. Did they also use Sherwood bricks, David? Isn't it still the world's biggest non-columned iron span?
  3. Somewhere, I have a terrible photo of thee pit taken from the front bedroom window in Byron Road, Annesley Rows. I am currrently sorting out thousands of old photos and if I chance upon it I shall post it here. When I worked there the winders were still driven by STEAM, with electricity replacing the steam winders only just before I left in 1969.
  4. They had some great performers on though. I rememebr going to see Johnnie Collins and Jim McGeehan play together there. The Watersons were also occasional guests.
  5. My dad used to frequent The Ram on Thursday nights in the 1950s. He used to go out at 7:30 and come home at 10:30. Just once a week and always with the same blokes; the neighbour, the neighbour's brother and their father. Just the four of them for a couple of pints and a game of cards. I never sw my father drunk. He was a pipe smoker but his drinking pals were fag smokers so he would buy a packet of 10 'Senior Service' (Latterly changing to 'Stirling') to take out on Thursday evenings.
  6. Where did she say Andews ice cream shop was, Lizzie? Oh! Just remembered - ther ewere a couple of three stirey houses across the road from the coal yard. I knew a girl that lived in one of them She was called Shirley Leddy. Did you know her?
  7. Yep, I remember it. My grandmothr moved in to the warden aided flats that were built just opposite, when she downsized froom her house in High Street. you could walk through to Redhill by a track alongside tehir yard if I remember correctly. It was on the left as you went along Cross Street towards Front Street, just before crossinng High Street.
  8. So just about half of what the men used to lift and carry in the "Old days". No wonder folk died young!
  9. That is the most extensive and in-depth report of the Pretty Windows murder I have read or will ever read. Thank you for posting the link, Affer!
  10. We still have "The Coalman" up here in the far north, although bags are now a lot smaller than the old 1cwt each. We are not yet restricted by clean air acts but it is looking like the SNP in their infantile wisdom are going to crack down on multi-fuel stoves, Agas and open fires very soon now; which is very sad because I get free wood as long as I am able to cut it myself. The Highlands, with an area 1½ times greater than that of Wales has a popluation density of 8 persons per square kilometre as compared to 4,073 in Nottingham so we really don't need more legislation to keep our air clean.
  11. Were they on High Street near Wharton's Dairy, Lizzie?
  12. Jonab: The allowance was clled a ton a month but was in fact 19cwt every 5 weeks. If you didn't want it you could "surrender" it and have £5/-/- in your wages as a surrender value. I am now talking about the late 1960s and I don't know what period you are referring to so the stated surrender value might not be accurate.
  13. The Co-op folk club used to meet upstairs in a pub on Radford Boulevard. Can anyone remember the pub's name and tell me if it still stands?
  14. I used to live in one of those rows, Ian: 61 Byron Road, the second one from the colliery. I took the photo just before I left the area. Been down that shaft many, many times. Had a grizzly neighbour next door whom I called "Old Crab face". One day she knocked on the door and walked right in as usual in those places and shouted "It's only me, Old Crab Face!" I was stunned and she just laughed - "Walls are thin and when you happen to have a glass on the wall and an ear on the glass, they are even thinner!" She said. Served me right! We became good friends after that and remained so until her
  15. I also hate being photographed, especially since getting older - I'm not a photogenic subject. However, it is nice to look at old photos and see what we wore and what we did in days gone by - I reckon I'm just a bit .....Nottstalgic!
  16. Not a chance! I'm a grizzled old man.
  17. Thank you Jill. Pity we have to grow old, isn't it?
  18. Here's one taken in 1951. Does anyone recognise the location? It must have been soemtwhere on the East coast because we only ever had day trips in those days. Location? East coast I think but where?
  19. Margie: The coat with the velvetine collar was a hand-me-down. I think it was second-hand when I got it and then it was passed to my brother when I grew out of it. They bulit them to last in those days!
  20. You are now discovering what Nottstalgians are like, Beekay.....It would be hard to find a nicer bunch anywhere.
  21. Just found these old photos of myself, taken around the mid-1950s. On the step of the house, Morris Terrace, Daybrook: I am at the topp and my younger brother is below: