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  1. I have an ancestor, Henry Peck born in 1778, my Great x 5 grandad, in radcliffe on trent, I cant find any records for his parents, its almost as if, he fell out of the sky, would love to get back any further than him on that line. Anybody give me any explinations?
  2. Wonder if anyone here can remember the Pecks, live firstly at 145 colwick road (on the corner of lyndhurst and colwick) then moved onto Lyndhurst road. Ernest Peck and his second wife Mabel, and his children, Ernest, Elsie May, Dennis, Leonard, Walter and Sheila.
  3. Im sure my grandad used to work with a bloke called dickie bird, tht name is certainly very very familiar
  4. I wish or wonder if there was any way of geting the floor plans to the house, just so i can visualise what it looked like
  5. So by looking at the map, they are either going to demolish or convert the toll bridge over into west bridgeford/ wilford.
  6. http://www.picturethepast.org.uk/frontend.php?action=printdetails&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;NTGM019074&prevUrl=
  7. Just wondering if anybody knew of any picture or if its still possible to see the interior of what was The Elite on Parliament Street. My grandparents had there wedding reception there in 1955 in what was the ballroom, would love to see a picture of it. Here it is in 1957
  8. I had the pleasure of doing the last burial there when i worked for a funeral directors, Must of been about January 2008 i think.
  9. My house at 7 Harrogate street was haunted by an edwardian couple and my great grandfather. My dad woke up one morning in the early hours to have a drink, looked over towards my mum and saw this couple standing by the side of the bed and looking at my mum whilst smiling. My dad checked the deeds and found that indeed the orginal owners were i think brother and sister who lived together in the house untill their deaths. When my mum lived there with my great grandma when my mum and dad had just got together, They used to have the most blazing rows and everytime that happened the overwhelming sme
  10. My family owned the house on the right of the picture at the corner of burton road and manor road, Godfrey House it was called. Never got to go in it myself, but sure would of done. Wonder if there are any floor plans of it lying about somewhere.
  11. I wonder if were related. My great x 4 grandfather was a Mr Thomas Horton of Arnold born in 1828, and his parents were John Horton and Jane Fletcher
  12. and a more recent view of it before it was demolished. http://www.picturethepast.org.uk/frontend.php?action=printdetails&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;NCCC000451&prevUrl=
  13. Hiya Guys. Just wondering if anyone from carlton, netherfield, gedling area can remember this house. It was owner by the godfrey family (of which my Great Great Grandmother, Harriet Godfrey was a member of). As far as i was told by my grandad his aunty lived there up untill the 1960's when she died and the building was left deriicted up untill it was demolished in the late 90's. I remember going past it all the time as a child and into my teens but unfortunatly never got the chance to have a look inside.
  14. makes you wonder what the hell was going through these architects minds when they thought " Yes let demolish an ancient through route with beautiful buildings, and build concreat crap "
  15. Talk about destroying the amazing architecture of midland station with that mostrosity
  16. My friend lives ina house on hodgkinson street, she does keep hearing things from the attic not to mention random items flying around the room.
  17. Be intrested to see if anybody can remember my Great Grandad, Billy Bennett. He was the local window cleaner in netherfield for around 30 years. His wife was called Ethel, and my grandma was Joan Bennett
  18. My Great Great Grandparents Arthur and Harriet Peck lived at 5 Locomotive Terrence which i believe was right next to the sheds. He worked at colowick depot as a railway wagon repair. His son, my great grandad Ernest also worked at the depot. I have alot of netherfield in me! I was born on Midland Road, oposite carlton station and lived on Harrogate street in the house my other great grandparents brought in 1939. My dad was born and lived for his first 5 years on deabill street, my grandad was born on dunstan street and him and my grandma were married at what was the methodist church on ashwell
  19. There was: Nottingham Victoria, Nottingham Midland, Nottingham London Road High Level, Nottingham London Road Low Level and Nottingham Arkwright Street. There was another station on Carrington Street, which was the predesessor to the midland station. and as so only last around 10 years before demolition aroind 1869ish. That is now the site of the magistrate courts i believe, and The two gatepost are from when the station was built.