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  1. Hope that one on top is securely strapped down !!
  2. You may well be right there MargieH -
  3. The Figure 8 was at the north-end, whilst the Wild Mouse was at the south (clock tower) end - I remember riding them both in the 60's - totally different experiences.
  4. I've seen this image before, but I appreciate your effort Cliff Ton.
  5. If you have any photos of the funfair, and particularly the Wild Mouse roller coaster, I'd very much appreciate seeing them.
  6. Don't forget the Silver Cross !!
  7. I don't know what you mean here - please explain.
  8. I'll need to go for a lie down now Ian !! - Nice Mk1 though.
  9. Used to be (maybe still is) owned by "Grain's" sewing machine company on the blenheim estate
  10. Jaguar did manage to get Ian Ogilvy (Saint 2) into the new V12 XJS - pity about the E.Type though for Roger Moore !
  11. Jaguar 3.5 litre circa 1947 ish.
  12. I owned this old Daimler in the late 80's - it was handy if you'd had a heavy weekend - just sleep it off in the back !!
  13. Good find Ian - an excellent example of what this Forum is all about.