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  1. roger peatman

    Last gasp - Players factory demolished

    Series 3 Jaguar introduced in 1979 so must be after that.
  2. roger peatman

    Buses in Nottingham

    A significant loss to the Forum - we need to ensure we don't lose any more !!
  3. roger peatman

    Forgotten memory of Goose Fair

    Probably Mannings but also Greens caterpillar made a few appearences.
  4. roger peatman

    Forgotten memory of Goose Fair

    Pat Collins Vampire Jets - I can almost hear the deafening "hiss" of the high pressure air release valves !
  5. roger peatman

    The Lost City.

    Surprised to see triple wipers on a late Ser.2 4.2
  6. roger peatman

    Poverty Capital

    Some will - some won't - it's just a matter of opinion don't you think ?
  7. roger peatman

    Poverty Capital

    For you, maybe ? - for me, no !
  8. roger peatman

    Poverty Capital

    I would - as a member, he is fully entitled to contribute to the Forum, as indeed we all are. - if you're not interested in his input, just don't read it.
  9. roger peatman


    "Political Opinion" - surely that can never be taken away from us ......... can it ?
  10. roger peatman


    Not much wrong with this Forum in my opinion - I read the Topics I'm interested in then hit the "Mark Site Read" button !!
  11. roger peatman

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    On air cooled HD's it's all down to the exhaust system - most owners change it for performance and sound. On mine, the turbo makes it much quieter and smoother, but it still has a "bark"
  12. roger peatman

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    Bought my first Harley from Andy Bone in 1991 - still got it
  13. roger peatman

    Old Lorries.

    One of the oldest established Nottingham Showmen family, and still going strong. John Proctor still presents his 56 year old Jackson built Waltzer, in and around Nottingham/East Mids area.
  14. roger peatman

    Nottingham Hauliers

    One of the fastest Twists ever to attend Goose Fair - built by Edwin Hall.
  15. roger peatman

    Hooleys Garage

    Nice Velo - had a Venom in the early 70's - they were 10 a penny --------- if only !!!