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  1. roger peatman

    Carlton Le Willows

    Don't think so.
  2. roger peatman

    Carlton Le Willows

    I started at the tech in1964 - brown uniform - looking back I reckon it was a pretty good school apart from Bill Brigham , the head , he was an odd' 'un. - he excluded me in the 5th form for what he called riding a motorbike at a dangerous speed on the top road into the school !,
  3. roger peatman

    Soon be Goose Fair........

    A bit unfair when you consider a modern giant wheel costs between 1.5 and 2.5 million quid and a pendulum ride costs up to £1,000,000 !!
  4. roger peatman

    Soon be Goose Fair........

    Not really - H.S.E. put paid to most of that and in reality, it's not what the modern fairground is about.
  5. roger peatman

    Interesting facts

    Usually referred to as "Gallopers" in Showland.
  6. roger peatman

    Car dealers

    Pete Ferris - had a workshop near the pub on valley road (2nd Avenue) ? He had a very tricked up Plymouth Super Bee.
  7. roger peatman

    Buses in Nottingham

    My clock-in number was 6017 when I started at TB Works - don't think it ever changed when I flitted from depot to depot.
  8. roger peatman

    Buses in Nottingham

    There was a fitter at PSD in the early 70's - Jock Skedd (Edward) - don't know if he moved to Bulwell ?
  9. roger peatman

    Buses in Nottingham

    I remember Roger Holland - Fitter - again, we were at TB Works together in late 60's early 70.s - wonder if he's got any hair left ?
  10. roger peatman

    Buses in Nottingham

    I remember George Wilshaw - he was a fitters mate at T.B. Works. We spent a lot of weekends together when we were racing sidecars in the 70's - Cadwell,Croft Snetterton etc. - he also raced a 125 for a good few years. Anybody remember the Rippon family - Mick,John and their parents Jack and May , all based at Parliament Street ?
  11. roger peatman

    The Old Market Square

    Mk 1 Jag looks small alongside the Morris Oxford
  12. roger peatman

    Motorbikes of old

    Swallow sidecars were in Blackpool, founded by William Walmsley and William Lyons. They finally moved to Coventry and became Jaguar Cars - the rest is history !
  13. roger peatman

    Car dealers

    I had a Thames van with a straight 6 Zephyr engine and 4 speed box - the gear change was "challenging" and reverse was on a separate lever behind the driver's seat - didn't half go well though !
  14. roger peatman

    Forgotten memory of Goose Fair

    The Foden is carrying the "Dive Bomber" ride - in it's day it was considered to be the most extreme ride on the fair.
  15. roger peatman

    Forgotten memory of Goose Fair

    Although I was only 6 , I can vividly remember the scary noise of the compressed air being exhausted from Pat Collins' "Tipping Vampire Jets" - it seemed to fill the whole fair (1959)