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  1. Does anyone have any information or possibly photos of Wilford Village Shop? Researching it as part of a family tree.
  2. Did you know WD40 removes hair dye from clothing? Well you do now :D
  3. Lovely pictures, especially love the kitties
  4. Parents who let their offspring run riot in supermarkets, poking and prodding things they have no intention of buying.
  5. Hi Judith I can remember swimming in that lake as a nipper when the lido was full, it wasn't very deep, you could put your feet on the bottom and it was thick cold black sludge. Can't believe our parents let us do that, guess we didn't see any danger back then :/
  6. They even found a little horse in mascarpone
  7. So very sorry to hear of your aunt 's passing. You have my sincere sympathies.
  8. Can't believe it's been forty years where did the time go!
  9. No you can't beat hand made, the sort you get in a garden centre is usually stapled and drops to bits after a bit of weathering.
  10. Looks great. You'de pay a small fortune for that in a garden centre.