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  1. I wonder if pou went to Ellis school or Whitemoor  and if you have any class  photos from that school time

  2. Though only a few years later (early 70's) we did/had the same at my Grandma's, I remember sitting with the toasting fork in front of the fire.. it was also the only place I had tea made with sterilised milk, can you still get it?Curly
  3. Sad to see the Odeon go but if all the people who say they will actually miss it had used it maybe it would still be open, having said that I remember my mum and dad dropping us kids off to watch a film while they went off to do the Christmas shopping, also remember that one year the Wilford power stations kids Christmas outing was to the Odeon to see the Disney film Robin Hood and Santa Claus Curly
  4. Nice pictures catfan... not been to the castle in years, must be about 30..I was in the TA and we fired off a gun salute for an anniversary parade though the city center and we setup on the castle lawn, when looking at prices what constitute concessions? I take it a city card is like the free travel passes? I live about a mile-ish or just over in West Bridgford and as my travel pass is issued by Rushcliffe I take it this is no good even though it was issued on disability grounds, @babs i know what you mean about the ignorant or selfish people in town, both time while on crutches after my knee
  5. Ah, Boundary Road that's the one I may take a few more walks up there if we ever get any summer.Curly
  6. I took a nice walk up the old railway line off Melton Rd (WB) over the bridge up to...don't know the name of the road the one with Rushcliffe leisure center on then down to Loughborough Road and then up and through Sharp Hill woods to admire the view over Nottingham..nice pleasant walk of an evening Curly
  7. Although I have not been a member of this site for very long it is always sad to read of events like this, my condolences to family and friends, from reading this thread she will surely be missed by many, R.I.P Laurence
  8. I seem to remember as a kid when i went to Hayden Rd school we went to Elliott Durham?? for swimming, later when I went to Whitmoore I'm sure it was Noel Street and Seniors, Ellis Guilford was Northern Baths...may have been the other way around, I also worked next door to Lenton baths and when I first left home I used to to do my washing there before the part where the washing machines were got turned in to a gym. Curly
  9. Thanks for that denshaw, your a star ... now where did I get the letter P from :confused: Curly
  10. After seeing the news of the shooting at the Hubb on Hucknall Road in Sherwood my house mate asked me what it was called before it changed it's name to The Hubb, now I should know this but I have drawn a complete blank, I think it began with a P... over to the experts. Curly
  11. I remember most of the Woolworth stores mentioned, the one I used/shopped at the most as a kid/young adult was the one in Bulwell market place, always got my dads Christmas present from there (socks), I thought I looked cool in those Black and White baseball boots they used to sell while spending hours going through the Music for Pleasure or Top of the Pops albums with the scantily dressed woman on the front, I still have some of the "proper" albums I bought from there, Echo and the Bunnymen, Dexy's Midnight runners, Human! I have just remembered I have a Bawdy Barrack Rooms song
  12. after reading the Pea souper thread.. I will say the air quality has changed for the better since day of old. Curly
  13. Thursday..comic day, I must have read every edition of The Beano and The Dandy between 76 and 79 Curly
  14. Thanks for that info bamber..I was thinking of the 22. Curly
  15. I am too young to remember..but iirc and I'm sure there are others on here who know better, that Bulwell tram stop/station was where Henderson's (endo's) scrap yard was and there was a guy (from a dominoes team I played in) who worked at the scrap yard and he said he was paid as an extra on the film, drinker in The Horseshoes (I have only seen the film once so can't remember to well) I think the Bulwell Church and Vicarage were also used in the film.. Curly