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  1. My dad worked there. Spraying cars in the 70s. Any one got any pictures thanks.
  2. Nearly signed for. Long Eaton invaders. In. 1983 but signed for Boston
  3. Hi looking for a person. Helen savage lived on forester st in 1970s
  4. Went back to netherfield. Last week and week before had a drive round. Had chips from mos chip pie. Very nice too. Old place not changed much schools have gone. Mums old shop a chemists. Grandads shop done next to Chandos st school and the pub he ran in 50/60s is now flats. See cricket pitch got a new name Found old friend on Facebook. Darren Davis. Antony dinsdale. Darren peters. Cuzson st boys lol Would paddy sell it back to my dad
  5. Hi went to all three school in netherfield. My grandad had shop next to Chandos st school.
  6. Hi every one came back th Netherfield last week had a walk and drive about not changed much. Had chips at mos me and my dad loved it. See my grandads old pub flats. His shop on Chandos st turned back I. To a house where's a l the schools gone
  7. Anyone remember shop next to Chandos st school my grandad had. My mum had a sweet shop on Victoria rd. and and my grandad also had couple shops. And Jackie bells pub.
  8. John palmer. Was he the one that had a black panther and a brown bear
  9. Thanks. Yeah. To been back for a while also. Lived. Kent rd just of Marley top. My. Other grandad. Work at colwick pit. ,
  10. Lived in netherfield. My grandad. Had railway. Pub for a few yrs. and the shop next to. Chandos st school. My mum had a sweet shop on Victoria. Rd. my dad. Worked for Richard Stewart. Car spraying. We did live at sweet shop for a while and lived on chandos st. No89.