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  1. With ‘rights’ go responsibilities. The people demanding their rights seem to ignore that in their own selfish way.
  2. Thanks for that Cliff, I'd forgotten him!
  3. I certainly recall the shop. The other tailor in Trinity Square was Harry Silverman. Back in the days when I cared about my sartorial appearance I used Gibson Mather who was midway up Goldsmith Street, opposite the Arboretum. The last time I bought a suit for a wedding I went to John Lewis. It fitted perfectly without all the hassle of going back for fittings. I don’t know if you can still get a bespoke suit in Nottingham nowadays.
  4. No, she was always a very difficult woman. Never easy to get on with.
  5. When my mother died the assessor ‘phoned to say they were coming to value her furniture and chattels. She lived in the adjoining granny flat with a connecting door. I asked them what they expected to find? ‘Ah,’ he said, ‘we’ll put the value in at nil then.’ That still didn’t stop me having an eye watering assessment for her house, bank account and investments. I did get the house and land plus a few quid. She was 92, suffering with Alzheimer’s and generally making our lives very difficult. There was enough left in her petty cash for the four of us to have a slap up lunch at the Sagar after the cremation!
  6. You can’t take it with you? If you make a big enough pile you can hide behind it!
  7. Always best to get rid of the valuables before the valuers come in to assess for inheritance tax. This is usual in families. You can only be assessed on what’s there. The only problem is if there are other potential beneficiaries. That’s when the family fireworks start!
  8. The Albany had a very good carvery upstairs. We used to take the kids there for Sunday lunch. As much as you could eat as I remember.
  9. When I was working in town in the sixties my choice for a cheese roll and a pint was either the Guildhall or the Spread Eagle. Both pubs were geared up for a fast lunchtime trade. Hopefully, if I was away from the town centre , I could claim lunch on expenses. That was back in the day when I could eat two large meals a day!
  10. It wasn't my pub of choice but because it was on the doorstep we were often taken for a drink by the top brass after a meeting. I think the lunchtime drinking culture disappeared many years ago.
  11. I have discovered that they lived at the Old Farm House which is still there but the 10 acres they farmed is now built on. They only stayed for a few years and then returned to Sneinton. I know how they must have felt having lived in this backwater since 1962!
  12. Nothing here. It's too scary for them to climb over the gate and come up our dark drive!
  13. Ah, William Booth territory. He used to live in my village when he was a lad but our paths never crossed! There’s no known evidence of his family’s house or a blue plaque anywhere. Perhaps our local history society has some details but I don’t go to the meetings with a bunch of old f***s.
  14. The Mint was one of our office pubs the other being The Hearty Good Fellow nearby.
  15. Was it called the Mint Bar? I do remember it being totally separated from the Albany hotel. I was working on the top floor of nearby Newland House around that time fo a company that handled the finance for the giant Phillips Electrical Group and my region was Scotland
  16. Didn’t they depart for Ripley from Queen St. by the main post office?
  17. If he does find a will it will have to go to probate to prove the validity. He wouldn’t be able to claim it all for himself. You may even have a ‘mention’ for your kindnesses. If there is no will then the rules of intestacy will kick in to ensure an equitable distribution amongst the next of kin.
  18. Two proper butcher's shops in nearby Southwell. Hockerton, Gonalston and Farndon farm shops have them and there's one to die for at Pennell's garden centre at Hykeham. Well worth the trip out.
  19. As someone who's addicted to gadgets I must confess a water pick is something I've never had. I think I'll give that one a miss now!
  20. We live a hundred yards from the lane in the corner of a field. It’s all very tranquil. There’s sometimes the odd whoosh of a passing glider from Syerston and we’re on a direct line from the QMC to RAF Waddington so we’re disturbed by the air ambulance returning to base. Otherwise it’s just the occasional sound of agricultural machinery and birdsong. Quite idyllic really!
  21. EU directive on noise regulations so we won’t be disturbed by early morning bin collections. Don’t you just love the EU?
  22. My own father was an aircraft instrument technician in the Royal Air Force during the war. When he was demobbed he took up watch repairs as a sideline to his main employment and there was a continual stream of callers with watches to be repaired. He used to go to Woods on Clumber St. for the parts. He also kept chickens in the back garden and there were always regular customers for eggs. He never wore a watch but could always tell you the time within five minutes. He was a fairly frugal sort of chap but he did like a Jaguar or a Mercedes as his means of transport as he rose up the management ladder, ultimately to be chairman of the company he joined before the war.
  23. When I was a company accountant I used to organise my banking at the Nat West to be around 12 noon so that I could pop Into the men only bar at the Thurland and have a swift half and a slice of pork pie. That was back in the days when you could easily find a parking spot right outside the door.
  24. No, sorry, I don’t receive visitors!
  25. Like I said, I never go anywhere so it’s not a decision I need to make!