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  1. I remember them well. I started at Arno Vale around 47/48. First year was with the terrifying Mrs Lockwood. She should never have been allowed near infants!
  2. I finished the other half of the bottle last night Col and can confirm it's very drinkable. There's still two more left!
  3. I started Mellish in ‘54 so GEG had retired by that time but his memory lingered on. You we’re probably in the same year as Bill Brazier who came from Daybrook. He’s my neighbour and lives a few hundred yards down the lane from me.
  4. I had a couple of glasses of the 'Pizo' last night and I'm still alive. It's a Shiraz so it was dark and fruity. Not at all bad. I don't normally drink Spanish wines because they used to be somewhat indifferent but this was of a good quality. Change the name and they might sell more!
  5. In Scotland they cal it a ‘wee dram’ and drink it as a nightcap.
  6. I’ve been researching it, obviously, and it’s probably OK in small quantities but best not swigged. There is no beneficial effect - quite the reverse in fact. I’ll report back on my bottle of Pizo when I can pluck up the courage to try it!
  7. We must recycle more.
  8. Perhaps when they’re treading the grapes .................... ? .
  9. I’ve just received a case of assorted red wines from Virgin Wines. I didn’t check when I ordered and have just discovered three bottles labelled ‘Pizo’. I don’t speak Spanish so I have doubts about the content!
  10. Without going all the way to Skegness I can highly recommend Harbour Light chip shop at Mareham le Fen Lincs. Only open Thur, Fri and Sat. Have to eat in the car though. Just past Conningsby.
  11. Just checked and apart from a bit of rain on Monday, Skegness is going to have a glorious sunny week. Enjoy it Catfan!
  12. Wasn’t that the one with the ‘dubious’ clientele?
  13. Perhaps most ‘fiction’ is based on fact. ‘Quasi Fiction’ in fact!
  14. Like all fictional authors they make it up. You are joking aren't you?
  15. The sailing club at Hoveringham is still very active. Not with me there though. My sailing days are over.
  16. Well we launched at Hoveringham sailing club and the water just rushed in. It took a lot of heaving to get a boat full of water onshore again.
  17. Say 'your bum would look big in Billy Smart's Circus tent' and stand well back!
  18. Always put the drain bungs back in when launching your sailing dinghy. Don’t ask me how I know?
  19. I had to wear a mask when I went to get signed off in hospital on Monday. I found it intensely annoying and rather hot. Fortunately I don’t have to wear a mask when I’m putting in my Amazon order - yet! I do have fifty or so in stock and a couple in the car. Does that make me a hoarder?
  20. It needs someone with extensive commercial experience to review the management systems of the NHS. I think there will be too much internal resistance for this to happen though from all those people with secure ‘non-jobs’.
  21. It confirms what I always suspected. The NHS is badly run by managers who wouldn’t last five minutes in a commercial business environment.
  22. My condolences Brenda.
  23. I must go down there and meet with my family members! Sadly the Little Chef is no more.
  24. I well remember Northleach. There used to be an excellent Little Chef at the crossroads at the bottom of the dip on the Old Fosse. That used to be our breakfast stop on many occasions when we went with the children to Cornwall. I too have Gloucestershire connections on my mother's side of the family. The Malpasses came from Cam. There are still some there to this day. Its one of the few places when tracing my ancestors that I have not yet visited. I think the advent of the railway brought them to Nottingham.